If Only The Avatar Game Manual Was This Amusing

It's not. This is a pirated game manual. A really, really funny one.

Reader Andrew noticed this Avatar for the Nintendo DS manual at the game retailer where he works. The non-legit pirated game was inadvertently accepted as a trade-in — and whoever pirated this title went as far as creating a 20-something-page instruction manual that doesn't so much explain how the game works, but ultimately roasts the hell out of it.

Choice bits from the manual:

"This is a pretty game that gives you a glimpse at the inviting world of Pandora, and there are a few interesting ideas buried within. However, the broken targeting system and inconsistent aiming constantly yank you from the reverie, and the story's overt moralizing doesn't do the game world any favours."

"Avatar is sometimes boring and sometimes frustrating but rarely satisfying, and it can be safely categorized as 'another movie game you don't need to play.'"

"It's like the Neverending Story, expect it ends, and the story stinks."

The images in the manual are of the PC version of the game based on the Hollywood film.


    made me lol
    by the looks of it, it was purchased over in Asia on someone's holiday at some cheap stall, where whoever pirated it, cut and paste a review of the game along with images. the warning page, print quality and paper are signs whoever did it did it for a living, and wasnt some isolated case.

    and how did this get accepted for trade in?

      Lol, it's kind of cute how you think people who work at game retailers notice/give a fuck about their trade ins.

      I once went to my local EB to trade in my Hong Kong version of Blue Dragon, which inadvertently didn't work with my Xbox even though play asia said it wasn't region locked.

      The moron who was serving me tried to scan the game, but when it didn't come up in the system he just said 'OH DON'T WORRY, I'LL JUST TYPE IT IN MANUALLY. DUM DE DUM DE. NTSC? WUTS THAT MEAN? LOL! HERE'S YOUR CASH!'. I mean seriously. Both the blurb AND title were written in Chinese.

      I feel kind of sorry for the poor guy who actually comes in and buys my game, only to find out it doesn't work on their system. But then again, he kind of deserves it for shopping at EB

        Ebgames hire people with retail skills, and gaming knowledge is not essential. I traded in my sixaxis and they scanned it as a dual shock. They say I can't trade in my game because it's european and doesn't have the OFLC ratings on it, even though I've bought a region 1 bioshock for ps3. They don't give a sh*t about their customers, only money.

    WOW! I would buy that particular copy if i could!

    That's pretty funny, and I actually wish game manuals these days were that long. Reminds me of when I had a friend go to china and brought back a bunch of pirated movies, on the back of The Matrix Reloaded was a movie review that just tore it to shreds saying how horrible it is. Now that's advertising.

    Some of them were pretty dodgy, but it did lead to one of the greatest lines I have seen in a movie. Watching the first LOTR movie with english subtitles, when Gandalf faces off against the Balrog and does his big dramatic 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' the subtitles simply read 'Go away'.

    It looks like they just pasted in the reviews of the PSP and PC games from Gamespot.



      I think it was more than one review used in fact:

    My god that's hilarious.




    *Dies laughing.*

    Yeh I've got a handful of similar 'review-manuals' from Asian purchases- this is definately the funniest... Way to big-up the game, Mr Pirate.

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