Ilomilo, Today's Prettiest Puzzler

There are few better ways to end your Wednesday (or start your Thursday!) than with a game you'd previously never even heard of, but now can't wait to actually play. Today's case in point: ilomilo.

It's a puzzle game by Southend Interactive. You know, the Swedish team behind Tecmo Bowl Throwback and R-Type Dimensions on Xbox Live Arcade. Except this game isn't so much about football and spaceships as it is about 3D puzzle blocks and a fantastic art style.

The game has so far been announced for Xbox Live Arcade, and you can read more at the title's blog below.

ilomilo [Southend, via GamerBytes]


    Looks great. I'm loving the presentation and design approach. I do hope the camera is rotatable as walking backwards (towards the camera) may end up being pretty annoying.

    Wow. I've seen enough to know that I will be buying this the minute it becomes available.

      Haha my thoughts exactly. Doooo, do do do do doooo. Already in my head. Kind of reminds me of Little Big Planet's song. Actually, lots of things remind me of LBP now...

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