Indie Games Festival Comes To Melbourne

Freeplay, Australia's only independent games festival, has been dated for August 14 and 15. It will be held at the State Library of Victoria and promises to demonstrate that "Play is Everywhere".

"This year we’ll look at how gaming has changed over the past few years, its place in the wider community, the opportunities for personal expression, the practicalities of making games, and on the excitement of creating new things," says Freeplay Director Eve Penford-Dennis.

Freeplay attendees will engage in a program of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, an independent games expo and an educational showcase.

Freeplay [site]


    This is awesome.

    I beleive the hyperlink posted is not correct.


    Excellent it is on a weekend too. For anyone having a problem with the url link you can hover over it and see the actual url is

    It seems in David's excitement to post the great news he may have a type stopping the link working by default.

    I'm not so sure I'll be going. I've just found that game expos in Australia just don't live up to the hype. Though, of course, I might reconsider, as I've never been to an indie games expo.

    I went to last year's Freeplay and found it very worthwhile, particularly if you're interested in being, or actually are, an indie developer.

    And David, Eve's name is.. well, Eve not Eva :)


    Ive never been to a games expo before i think il give this a shot

    I didn't hear about this one last year, I think I'll go to it though, had a look on the site, it looks pretty interesting.

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