Infinity Ward Asks Aussies: "How's Your Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Now?"

Modern Warfare 2 saw a recent Xbox 360 title update aimed to improve the game's matchmaking. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling wants to know if Australian gamers have noticed that improvement.

Bowling tweeted this morning: "@XboxAustralia Hey! I was wondering if you've heard from your readers their experience on the improved OZ matchmaking since the update?"

Jinx at XboxAustralia then replied: "Ooh! Even better idea to organize MW2 feeback for @fourzerotwo. Post your experience with matchmaking since the update and use #MW2OZ - jinx"

So, let's take this opportunity to offer direct feedback to the development team. Hit up Twitter using the #MW2OZ hashtag and let us know in the comments below as well - we'll pass them all on. Just make sure you're talking about any change in your experience since the Xbox 360 update.


    Question is why did it take them until the stimulus update to fix it.


      There were compatibility problems with the 360's firmware

        To Alex... but HAVE they fixed it though? And how much have they fixed?

        To Doug... so a patch to help Matchmaking has taken since November to get right cause of 360 firmware?? 4 months??
        Definitely no excuse!

        Now i own MW2 but don't play it. It's no "dedicated servers" excuse cause i play on Xbox. It's no connection errors because the time i did play, i didn't have that much trouble, although COD4 did seem to work much better with its connections.

        Purely because, i fell out of love with it. I kinda resent the campaign which half killed it for me - but i know thats not online. But then, i was just so in love with COD4 that i was almost let down with MW2. It's not bad - just not what i expected. But i haven't even returned to COD4 - i guess Online FPS have had their thrashing for the time being. Perhaps when i get back into Halo: Reach i will begin to play a bit more of MW2 or whatever Treyarch offer, but until now, i'm preferring a different genre of gaming.

        I guess it all depends upon ones connection and the way the server matches players with others. Cause the time i did play, a month at the most... I almost always had a yellow bar match at the least. A red bar occasionally, but green or yellow almost all the time!

    To IW. . .
    Go read the 350 page matchmaking thread. You know the one. . . its the one youve avoided responding to since it began.

      They specifically want to know how things have/haven't improved in the last day or so, not how things were since launch.

        Yeah, I know. But the responses from about page 347 and onwards are post patch.

        Hahaha, the post on the xbox 360 general forums is 5+ pages of people moaning that it takes like an hour to find a game or doesn't find one at all.

        Obviously with more people coming back to play maps, the matches are going to be easier to get for a while, dosn't mean the filter is actually working.

          And theyre still playing Mosh Pit, which is where Australians were rallying pre-patch to try and get Aussie games.
          Venturing outside of Mosh Pit players are having to wait up to a few minutes or a game.

          Personally, I gave up on MW2 a month or so ago. The cheats/hacks/glitches did it for me.
          Traded it in for BS2, so dont take anything I say as first hand knowledge.

    From the hour or so I played last night, all in the stimulus package core playlist, every game was four bar green. Haven't tried other playlists yet, or during times when I would usually get a yellow connection (day time mostly) but it's a damn good sign.

    I got so sick of the lag that I traded my version in for Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. I have played that sucker to death.

    To little, to late. If you have hung on to your copy for this long, then I hope you are still having fun with it.

    too busy playing BC2

      me too :P MW2 :(

    Green bars all round! But I kept ending up in matches full of 9th and 10th prestige people which was annoying.

    Already stopped playing months ago...Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a far superior game and I have had no lag issues at all (on PS3 anyway - I was playing CoD MW2 on 360 though).

    If they've fixed the matchmaking for real I MIGHT actually buy this. Probably not, but maybe.

    A shame I'd want it for PC and there seems to be nothing but hackers and the like on servers.

      yup and the DS were taken away to prevent this :|

      People have come back what matchmaking is like now is irreleevant give it a month and then see

      I refuse to play the PC version after about 3 weeks because i spent less time playing and more time w8ing for a match(even for a crappy laggy one) and i can garuntee it doesnt pick the best host because i had 3 times where its picked me as host when ive been capped to 64k which is not fun with a bunch of people with mics

      You people act like the PC servers are consumed by cheaters and campers the like, I bought my Modern warefare 2 on the first week it was released and I've only seen 2 hackers, both being aimbots.
      But I do take in to account the fact that many more may be wall hackers.
      The game is fine, you people should stop complaining and stick your finger out of your ass.

        hey i bought it first day and i havent played it at all this year but after they fixed the shotguns there was more wall hackers and bloody host side server abusers

    It takes a bit longer to find games now since its only connecting to Aussie's however I haven't had one laggy game which is a massive improvement! I'm glad they implemented this, better late then never although I find that on the Stimulus playlist 4 out of 5 times i'll be playing Crash, often straight after a Crash game I'll get Crash again on a different gametype

    arhh, tried just now and im getting 'connecting to iwnet' but then nothing for at least 10 mins. restarted, retried etc. (steam install) google the problem and find a million forum threads everywhere with same problem. arhhh

    And heres the 350 page thread at IW. Linking to page 347 where post patch comments start.

      Not everyone posts on the forums. I'm sure Bowling was just looking to get input from the broader community. Twitter is a great tool for this.

    i have it on the PS3 as far as matchmaking is concerned the thing i hate is when it splits your party.

    i join a party of friends 3-8 people and get into a lobby, then the lobby overfills and splits into two lobbys BUT it doesnt protect the player parties during the split. and 4 friends all in a lobby are suddenly split across differant games and we have to bail from the lobby, rejoin in the party lobby and start over the matchmaking process again.

    Yeah, we've been screwing you around for a few months, but how is your connection speed NOW.

    Funny how they promise improved connections only AFTER they've released the $15 map pack they expect me to buy.

    I've found that since the update my matchmaking has gotten worse. It used to take me about 30secs max before I was in a group, now I can wait up to 3/4minutes. My xbox sits there slowly going up and up with the ping number (e.g. <50, <60, <70, etc...) till I end up getting a game on a ping of like 170 and the game lags like crazy. I'd much prefer to go back to pre-update, at least then I would be quickly in a game, even if it meant suffering from lag every now and again.
    I'm glad that IW has finally faced the issue, and is slowly working to correct it, but I think they've got a bit more work to do yet.

    Do you have to purchase the map pack to get the update to the matchmaking system? Because I put my MW2 disc in Tuesday for the first time in months and still only got ridiculous lag on each match.

    If I have to buy their map pack to get a better connection... yea, get bent IW

      No. The matchmaking fixes come with the new title update, which it'll ask you to download the moment you chuck the disk in and run.

    I got no lousy overseas games last night, which was nice. However i still have to get used to those heaps long "Searching for games" waits. Takes an age!

    Glad to have mostly all green games though, was suffering in Oz after playing in the UK for so long!

    I really think it is all to do with your internet connection. I can be downloading to max bandwidth and still connect to xboxlive and have hardly any issues with MW2. Sometimes there is lag, so i just jump out of that server and straight into another, problem solved.

    My friend has been experiencing heaps of issues, he uses the same internet provider as i do, yet after purchasing the new maps he never had a game on the new maps after several hours of gaming in Team Deathmatch. And than sent a text to all our friends to not buy it, because the maps are not in Team Deathmatch.

      maybe its different on the console but from my experience jumping out of the server on PC means a decent w8 to find another

      The maps aren't in team deathmatch?

      What the hell Activision?!?!?!

      Fourzerotwo stated this morning that they did another playlist update which brings the new maps to the existing modes and double XP throughout the lot. He also said they're increasing the weighting to try and make them come up.

      To be honest, don't know why they didn't just do one playlist update across the lot. Bit short sighted, that.

    takes a bit longer to get a game but its a good trade for a full green bar room

    Definitely a marked improvement. Lobbies take a while longer to get started but once they're going it's plain sailing.

    Comments section needs moar bawwwwwww from angry nerds.

    Matchmaking is definitely better, but I almost miss the laggy US games - it was much easier to rack up kills against retarded Seppos than Australians, who usually at least have a couple of braincells to rub together.

      Yeah games are a lot more challenging now and the objective play has dropped my K/D a notch.

    I'll check it out, but Bad Company 2 is an all round better game anyway.

    Does the system still lie to you?? It would say it was "Looking for games ~50 ping"

    More often than not you ended up on red bar in an American server...

    Matchmaking is a lot better.

    It takes a little longer to find a game but its def worth the wait for green bars.

    What i'm not happy about is the inability to choose your game type in the new maps. Will this be permanent?

    In Hardcore Team Deathmatch games, it took ages for me to find a game. However, once that game was found, it was a far better connection than pre-patch. Playing the Stimulus playlists though, it was a far shorter wait for the same quality connection, which was good. If only i wasn't so used to playing on terrible connections against Yanks.

    My connection was good before the patch, but I've noticed that I'm getting 3 or 4-bar games 85% on the time now.

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