iPhone Gets Online Gaming Network, Multitasking Next Season

Finally, after much bitching (by me) and at least one feature (by me), Apple is introducing a new gaming service to the iPhone that will provide a single online gaming experience for mobile Apple gamers.

The Game Center will include a social gaming network, the ability to invite and track friends, matchmaking, leaderboards and, yes, even achievements.

During the hour-long presentation at Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters, Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed off what he called the "tent poles" of the upcoming firmware update for his devices.

Here's a run down:

Multitasking: This may not seem like a boon for games on the device, but the ability to play a game, quickly switch over to another app or the home screen and then flick back will be a great addition. Apple's multitasking works by tapping the home button. This brings up a multitask tray which you can use to switch between apps. During the live demo the tray seemed to max out at four apps.

Multitasking, it appears, will be limited to seven types of services: Audio, voice over internet protocol, location tracking, push notification, local notification, task completion and fast app switching. This is a fancy way of saying that the iPhone doesn't have true multitasking, but that their version of it will cut down on killing off your battery power or slowing your app to a chug.

Folders: The new firmware update will allow you to create folders on your device so you can, say, put all of your games in one folder and not spread them!out all over your home screen. With folders you can now have up to 2160 apps on your device, space permitting.

Other stuff you don't care about: Fancy new wallpaper ability, better email browsing, iBook support, yada, yada, yada. If you really care about the nitty, gritty, hop on check out all of the details from Gizmodo's live coverage of the event which just wrapped up.


    That multi tasking sounds good, but when my iphone struggles to keep up with some games (Plants v Zombies), I don't see how the iphone will be able to keep up by having more than one app open at the one time.

    As always, happy to be proven wrong.

      Good point... hence why i think this will be used and in mind for the new iPhone that gets released later this year. Usually around June/July is when they release the upgrade.

      Btw - is your iPhone the 3GS or just the regular 3G. A lot of people are speculating that the new update will be for all phones, but really only the 3GS and the new one they are bound to announce - will take advantage of all the updates and the 3G may possibly only get minor changes because of the speed of that phone.

      Not gonna believe anything until its all revealed.. but wouldn't surprise me if Apple had that let-down, they're bound to disappoint.

    Will it work on the 8gb iPod touch? It's 3rd gen but was just a rerelease of the 2nd gen apparently.

    On a related issue, has anybody heard more speculation about the issue that the new iPhone developer agreement will ban the use of Adobe CS5 Flash to iPhone compiler?


    About time, some of us have had these things for quite a while on their Jailbroken iPhones. Everything they are adding appears to be lifted straight from the Jailbroken app stores(so I've heard;)

    Sounds... complicated. I dunno, I hate change, but I still probably won't utilise this that often. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

    Anyway, will this be free, or a pay for update for the 3Gs?

    All of that, and they've still neglected to add MMS... Something that's been available on every other phone since they became cheap enough for everybody to own... Maybe next year...

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