Iron Man 2's Cinematics Aren't Looking Too Shabby

Uncanny or funcanny? This cinematic intro for Sega's Iron Man 2 captures the wit and warmth of the movie franchise quite nicely, even if the characters do look a little creepy.

Becoming a video game character takes years off Don Cheadle's face, doesn't it? Samuel L. Jackson is looking a bit younger than usual as well, but I guess if someone is going to pay big money for your likeness, you might as well get them to touch it up a bit.

Iron Man 2 is due out on May 4, three days before the movie hits cinemas. Yes, I've already bought tickets. They've been hanging on my fridge for a week.


    This page is a blatent lure for Mike Fahey's clicks.

    First you say the game isn't looking too shabby, which lures people in and then you say the opposite by stating the characters look creepy.

    If you want clicks, at least hide the fact :P

    Battle Airship ftw.

    I really hope this game turns out better than the first.

      Surely it couldn't be worse?

    Wow, those cutscenes were ... good. I felt sick from clips of the first game and their crappiness, these were surprisingly enjoyable.

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