Is Portal 2 Coming To The PlayStation 3?

Developer Valve hasn't announced a PlayStation 3 version of upcoming first-person puzzle game Portal 2 - only Xbox 360, PC and Mac versions are official - but one magazine seems to think its coming, naming it among its "must-play PS3 games".

PSM3, an unofficial PlayStation-centric magazine from the UK, implies that Portal 2 is indeed coming to Sony's current-generation console. The last Valve-developed game to come to the PlayStation 3 was The Orange Box, which included the original Portal. That version of the game was handled by publisher Electronic Arts, not Valve, who may be handling PS3-porting duties once again.

Given Valve's previously expressed interest in the PS3 - which ranges from hatred of the system's Cell architecture to total apathy - we'd be (pleasantly) surprised to see more of the company's games on the system. But, hey, we weren't expecting all that Mac support six months ago.

When contacted for comment, Valve spokespeople had nothing to say. Literally nothing. We didn't hear back. We've reached out to PSM3's editors to see if there was some wacky mix-up in laying out the magazine's cover, but have not yet heard back.

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    I really hope it is coming. The split-screen multi-player sounds fantastic.

    I'd be satisfied with an EA port, even with its horrendous load times everytime you die.

    Its probably little more than optimism and an "innocent until proven guilty" outlook.

    I would not be surprised at all. I actually expect Portal 2 to be announced for PS3 at E3.

    Porting the engine over to OpenGL was the first step needed to get it running on the PS3. They probably didn't want to have the attention split between the Mac port and PS3 port. Give the Mac announcement its own time and the PS3 accnouncement it's own time.

    PS3 owners will be happy (I am one but play on PC most times).

    Don't want it anyway, the first game was good until you realised after a couple of hours or so of playing that the puzzles simply became how well you can control your mouse.

      Unless you're talking about the bonus stages, such as least steps and quickest time, I never actually encountered having to move my mouse fast at all; I played it on the xbox with a controller too. Never in the story mode though.

      I thought it was a great game. It was challenging, fun and it was unique. I'll definitely be buying it.

    I just refuse to buy shoddy PS3 game ports. Not much chance of me ever playing a Valve game on PS3.

    Not that Valve are the only guilty party for ports. UE3 games with horrific frame rates are common on PS3.

    Valve just doesn't put as much effort into console games, so I'd say whether or not it is for the PS3, you'd still be better getting it on the PC for free updates and more regular updates.

    Valve hates their design and lack of support to devs kinda makes this something becoming more and more common.

    Seems like Valve is trying to further their good guy image, which is a good move.

    Please Valve, give us a port. It doesn't have to be a good port. You can hate it and rag on it every chance you get but please give us a port. EA will give you money. That's always nice.

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