Is Professor Layton Developer Working On Nintendo 3DS Game?

Is Professor Layton Developer Working On Nintendo 3DS Game?

Level-5, the Fukuoka-based developer behind the Professor Layton puzzle series, is working on a new game. A new game for hardware it hasn’t yet seen. Hrm.

According to Level-5 honcho and Layton creator Akihiro Hino, the game seems poised to be on a “grand scale”. Moreover, he adds in a recent Famitsu interview, “We expect this title to be the next popular Level-5 series.”

The developer brought in Jiro Ishii, who designed the Wii visual novel 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~, a game that received a perfect score from Japanese game magazine Famitsu.

The new game deals with time travel.

“We focusing on game hardware that doesn’t exist yet,” Hino says cryptically, “and then will expand to other hardware.” What could it mean?

Besides Professor Layton, Level-5 is known for its soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven for the Nintendo DS and RPG White Knight Chronicles for the PS3. The company will release The Another World, a game developer with anime company Studio Ghibli, sometime this year in Japan.


  • What what what?! So many tidbits of excitement! New title for 3DS? A game developer with Studio Ghibli?! TIME TRAVEL?!! Well, if it’s anywhere near the awesomeness of Layton, I’m in.

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