Is The New Silent Hill A First-Person Shooter?

With Konami revealing very little about its all-new Silent Hill game, we're left to speculate about which direction the psychological horror franchise will go. Will Silent Hill, like XCOM, make the first person shooter switch?

Such was the speculation when Czech developer Vatra was pegged as the latest developer on the Silent Hill franchise, taking over where Climax and Double Helix left off. The source of that rumour-mongering was a profile of Vatra from its video game talent agency Digital Development Management. DDM labelled Vatra's specialties as "FPS and Action", noting that it was working on two projects, one an unnamed "major franchise" and the other Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot.

That lead some to conclude that the unnamed game - which is likely Vatra's take on Silent Hill - was a first-person shooter. Not hard evidence, but here's the slide in question.

We reached out to Konami and Vatra to see if that speculation was correct. Both told Kotaku pretty much the same thing: "Wait for E3." No confirmation or denial, unfortunately. Konami reps walked us through the teaser shown at Konami's recent Gamers Night, which was apparently not shown from a first-person perspective, and ended with the line "...the silence ends at E3."

If the next Silent Hill for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC does go "FPS", it wouldn't be unheard of for the series, which featured first-person sequences in Silent Hill 4: The Room - sans shooting, though - and first-person light gun shooting action in Silent Hill: The Arcade. The latter, by the way, is actually quite fun.

Clearly, Konami is comfortable experimenting with the series, as shown by the more action heavy Silent Hill: Homecoming and the nearly combat free Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

But as a first-person shooter? Is it just crazy enough to work? Or is the "FPSing" of beloved franchises a step in the wrong direction?


    Could be great. Remember FEAR? Imagine that except in a foggy town and more confusingly scary than just jump out frights. AWESOME.

      More importantly, remember Silent Hill: The Room? In my opinion, that was probably the best Silent Hill game ever made, and some the of the creepiest sections took place within "the room", entirely from the first person perspective.

      I'm a die hard Silent Hill fan, so I'm not put off by the perspective. What I AM put off by is the lack of Akira Yamaoka. He's the guy that did the soundtrack for all the previous games, and he's no longer on the development team.
      The sound and atmosphere is what makes the franchise. Take that away, and you've got nothing but a generic beat-em-up... or now, a generic FPS.

    If they make it an open-ish world (ie. confined to the town) with hard RPG elements like System Shock 2, I will love it even if it destroys Silent Hill.

    As long as it's just in first person and not primarily shooting things, I am happy.

    Well it seems like a terrible idea... but then again the franchise has been in a rapid decline from high quality atmospheric horror to shite since silent hill 2 by many accounts (Shattered Memories being the only apparent good one since).

    So really if the comparison is Homecoming then it can hardly make it worse.

    Still I really hope this trend of turning old franchises into more generic Unreal engine based shooters doesn't become an industry trend. Last thing we need is a "Coming 2012 from EA Games, Wing Commander - Ground Force" situation... I might weep tears of blood.

    OH MY GOD I HOPE NOT. What a great idea, turn Silent Hill into another generic shooter :/

    This means one of two things:

    A: You'll BE the character. Not being able to see 360 degrees will add to the fear, and is what is needed to reinvigorate the series.


    B: It'll feel like a generic shooter.

    If it's the first one, it's a brilliant, brilliant idea.

    Now that I think about it, Silent Hill would make a fantastic FPS in the style of BioShock/Half-Life in the sense that there are no cutscenes at all (except the end of BS) and everything is viewed first person. I'd prefer it if the action was kept to a minimum and it was still a stylish and creepy horror game but I'm interested to see what they can do. I haven't liked a Silent Hill game since SH2.

    I lost faith in silent hill after the 4th game. seems me like they ditched the horror atmosphere that the previous silent hill's had in order to beef up the action. *Sigh* survival horror's aren't supposed to be about the action.. look at how well fatal frame does XD

      Yeah I'm with you, not the right choice. I hate to be the pessimist but I think Aaron is right too, and Joshy's B choice is more likely. People that bring up FEAR, I'm not sure they saw the same thing in Silent Hill 1/2 that I did. A FEAR-like Silent Hill FPS is what I dread...

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