Is This The Best Nintendo 3DS Mockup We've Seen, Or The Real Thing?

If this wonderful little piece of machinery isn't Nintendo's 3DS, slated to be revealed at E3 later this year, then we damn sure wish it was. Check out the sliding, twisting marvel in all its glory.

The pictures come from a Japanese website called, as Google's translator indicates, Munch Blog, a site about anime, manga, games and movies. The author says the pictures were posted without the manufacturer's permission, and that anyone not wishing to spoil the big reveal at E3 this year should look away. The device is fist shown as a small unit with one large screen, which threw us off at first. One screen? How could this possible be the 3DS, which should be dual-screened by name and nature?

Soon it becomes clear. The one screen allows games to be played either on one large screen, or two simulated screens, ensuring backwards compatibility with the normal DS. In fact, the person taking the pictures inserts a DS cart, the Japanese version of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier (a personal favourite of mine), and shows off the various orientations the dual screens can be displayed in, along with a smoothing filter built into the unit.

Other features of this little miracle include the ability to scan pictures, take pictures, composite 3D images over real backgrounds, and place objects in the user's hands, much like we've seen demonstrated with the PlayStation Move.

He also demonstrates 3D pointing, which tracks the movement of the user's finger, including distance, to manipulate an object on screen.

You can pick through the full article at the link below. Perhaps some of our Japanese readers can help us with the translation, seeing as Ashcraft is fast asleep right now.

Of course, we don't know if this is the real thing or not, but wouldn't it be amazing if it were?

We've contacted Nintendo for comment on the story, just in case.

謎のゲーム機画像いろいろ - Translation [もぐもぐブログ - Thanks Daan!]


    WOW !

    This is so fake.

    Seriously, look at those screens, especially 2, 4, 9. That's really badly photoshopped.

    The blurry wood texture. The crisp pixel-perfect shadows. The mint condition books that are perfectly square with no bends or creases. The spotlight and phong effect on the table.

    These are mostly computer generated.

      Definitely not photoshop but 3D as microUgly has pointed out. Painfully obvious.

    Looks nice, but I doubt it's real. Those buttons just don't look... right.

    Bogus, as other commentators have said. The images are too 'clean', plus that design just looks butt-ugly and unwieldy.

    I'm trying to imagine playing a game with the screen horizontal (as per fig. 6), and I reckon the whole thing would want to topple out of my hands.

    Wasn't the 3DS discovered to be a pre-planned April Fool's joke?

    At least we'll recognise the devil if we see him on the street; that thing is ungodly.

    Anyone remember their initial reaction to the unconventional and not so svelt original DS?
    Who woulda thought it would blossom into a beautiful swan.
    Sure it needed to develop anorexia and get a nose job and a fake tan.
    But it looked good to us all ...eventually.

    looks extremely breakable to me

    plus fucking ugly

    plus ive grown accustomed to having my hands a fair distance away from each other the handhold is cramped as well as the fact that either way its going to be awkward to hold due to the fact that all the w8 is going to be above where your hands are meaning its gonna try and tilt away from you

    I'm pretty sure these are computer generated. I looked at the pictures before reading and thought they were suppose to be, its that obvious that they are faked.
    But if that is the design then god help as all, its the fugly's thing I've ever seen.

    More fake signs:

    * No Nintendo or DS or any kind of indicating logo on the device.

    * The practicallity of having a screen facing UP all the time? I mean, yeah the iPhone does it, but I need to change the protector every month and I've seen people with badly smashed screens. Makes no sense, you'd need to protect the screen?

    * 2nd screen from the bottom, with the veritcal orientation displaying a DS game, look at the bottom of the two "screens"? Note the curving of the text at the bottow, which would indicate that its a photo of a DS playing the game superimposed over the top. Also, if you look at the two screenshots they have two very DISTINCT screen patterns (like when you scan a newspaper without the de-screen effect on). If it was running on the same machine, it would have the same pattern or atleast the patterns would line up. One has a vertical pattern, the other has a horizontal pattern

    Looks fake, but still nice.

    I'm just expecting the 3DS to look exactly the same as the DS, DSi, and DSi XL. Nintendo's not one for in-generation innovation.

    it's called a DS for a reason.... because they have a dual screen. this has only one screen. even when it supposedly converts to two screens, it would be called a splitscreeen console, not a dual screen.

    Nintendo do not design products like that, has styling cues that belong in the late 80's. They generally design pretty well, they're a bit like Apple, pretty up there design wise.

    so easy to tell its fake, just look at the shadows the books make on all the pictures. 3d generated easssily. and you can see the aliasing on the last picture, the top of the unit isnt smooth, its jagged. 3d rendered, lol

    It would be amazing(ly bad) if that were the real thing. I like the sliding and twisting idea, but boy is that thing ugly.

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