It's Kratos Decapitating Helios... But Is It Art?

Of course it is. And if you would prefer to hang such a gruesome and great thing on your wall, you can order it as a print from the Art of God of War III show at Nucleus gallery.

The gallery's online store is selling three God of War III art prints—one featuring Helios losing his head, one a gloomy landscape of Hades' realm from artist Jung Park and one illustrating the Three Judges by artist Cecil Kim.

The good news is that each of the three print is priced at a very affordable $US9.95 USD. The potentially bad side to this news is that each print measures a rather wee 8" by 10". Maybe not the most epic of print sizes, especially of a Greek god about to get his noggin ripped clean off.

But, hey, they ship internationally and the prices can't be beat.

Gallery Nucleus Prints [Nucleus]


    Are they signed or numbered?

      They're just prints. Hundreds if not thousands will be made.

      Probably of very little value in the future ( if lots are made ).

    Terrible picture. It took 10 minutes of staring at it to figure out what was going on and realize who's limbs were where. What a confusing mess.

      Really? 10 minutes? Only took me 3 seconds and its not that complicated, the amount of detail is what would cause the confusion if there was any and thats to cover up how simple the pose and anatomy is, the colours and 'mess' of i think is to really add more to the chaos of the moment and show how Helios getting his face ripped off isn't a clean and pleasantly simplistic moment. The idea of concept art is not only to come up with the ideas and designs of games and movies but to portray the moment and atmosphere also, like storyboarding a moment with one frame to get the idea across...but beside the fact that this is still a great and detailed pic....I still hate god of war!

        im pretty sure he was exaggerating

        It's a shocker. What's going on with Kratos' right arm?!

      Yeah I'd go see an optometrist about that asap as I had no problem seeing the pic properly and I actually wear glasses.

      Its still not a good pic no matter how long it took to figure it out.

    I don't know how you could have trouble seeing what's going on. The artist has done a good job of showing an up close action piece with the space provided. Definitely something I would put it my folio if I had of done it.

    I've been looking at it for a while, and I'm still having trouble finding exactly where kratos' right arm goes. I mean, I think I can see what I believe is his arm but its bent at a really bizarre angle if what I think is his arm, actually is.

    Yeah, I can't tell what the hell is going on in that pic. Sorry, I think it's a complete mess too.

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