It's Like Gears Of War, But With Angry Deer

Evey game has a Horde Mode these days. EVERY game. I mean, Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt has one, except it's no stand-off against aliens. It's man against attacking forest animals.

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt includes a mode called Blindfire, which ditches the authentic, careful light-gun-style hunting and shooting that might fell a deer in the woods in real life, for an arcade rush of a challenge.

Playing Blindfire during a demo of The Hunt last week, I stood, in first-person-view in a wooden stand as deer, then rabbits, then boar attacked. Some might have just been encircling my position, chewing the flora, but I saw all the beasts as aggressors. I shot at this deer, wheeled around and blasted a hare. One of the game's representatives warned me that boar were coming. I tried to take them out with my rifle, but a couple busted through my little stand, knocked the boards off it, and did whatever it is that boars can do to kill a man.

On the Xbox 360 version of the game, your Blindfire performance will be uploaded to a leaderboard. My performance, on the Wii, wasn't something I'd want to see up there.

For the record, the animal attacks of The Hunt, which ships in June, will be beaten to the market by Rockstar Games' Western, Red Dead Redemption, on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which is supposed to allow multiple players to stand and shoot against waves of attacking animals.

Sounds like it's hunting season.


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