Japanese Poll: Only 8.8 Percent Want To Buy Nintendo 3DS

The general public has yet to see the upcoming 3D-glasses-free Nintendo 3DS. It will be playable sometime this year. Exciting, no? Well, not to some folks in Japan.

Nintendo has described the portable as allowing games to be "enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses". The Nintendo 3DS will succeeded the Nintendo DS series and will have backward compatibility for Nintendo DS and DSi games.

Japanese goo Research polled 1,059 members of its monitor group about consumer electronics. According to website What Japan Thinks, 52.9 percent of the sample were male, 16.1 percent in their teens, 17.8 percent in their twenties, 21.5 percent in their thirties, 16.2 percent in their forties, and 28.3 percent aged fifty or older.

Out of the 1,059 polled, 42.1 percent stated that they own either a Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi or a DSi XL — or any combination of them. Out of that sample set, 702 individuals answered this question:

Would you like to get the recently-announced Nintendo 3DS, featuring 3D that doesn't require special glasses?

Want to buy: 8.8 percent

Interested in it, but currently don't want it: 55.8 percent

Don't want it: 35.3 percent

Like I said, the general public has yet to see the Nintendo 3DS, and once it does, these numbers *should* change, no? Another thing to keep in mind: This is not all Japanese people.

3D televisions seem poised to be a big deal in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS is positioned to ride that wave of popularity.

ひとまず様子見?3Dゲームが楽しめる「ニンテンドー3DS」—コンシューマーゲーム機に関する調査 [japan.internet.com デイリーリサーチ via What Japan Thinks]


    I can foresee this becoming a hand held that doesn't sell well and will only be consideded a novelty.
    But then again the Wii sells very well.

      Wii sold well yes, but is still largely gimmicky. I think 3DS will follow suite - will sell bucketloads, but will be gimmicky. And I consider myself a Nintendo fanboy too. Call me negative, but I think these are massively tentative times for the company...

    I honestly don't see the big deal with this recent 3D craze. I prefer my movies and games without the 3D, less of a friggin headache.


    3D is a good novelty for the cinemas but i dont want it in my home

    the glasses are my first problem i dont like wearing the glasses in the cinemas i dont want to have to watch them to watch a TV that 80% of programs wont use

    Also itll mean that they start trying to justify using the 3D cameras and then well just have a fist or what not having to come out of the screen

    people without glasses cant watch The TV at all which means if im multi tasking by cooking in the background or whatnot i dont think that cooking in the glasses would be the best idea

    3D is useless imo until we have something like holograms and even then thats no use for TV because you loose all the dramatic effects that would be relevant

    It'll be all about the games. I seem to recall dual screens/touch screens being a gimmick that'd fail.

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