Japan's Biggest Cosplay Event Looks Like This

Cure Cosplay Festival 2, The Land of the Rising Sun's largest cosplay event, was held over the weekend in Yokohama, Japan. Cue the impressive costumes, dynamic poses and gravity-defying hair gel!

Video game, manga and anime characters were represented via the cosplayers. How many can you name? Click through the gallery. More images in the link below.

ファッションショーもあるコスプレイベント「Cure Cosplay Festival Vol.2」開幕、全記事一覧まとめ - GIGAZINE


    Bayonetta Sorta Looks Like Sarah Palin.

    99 % fo the time, anime/ game characters look much cuter on screen then their cosplay counterparts /sigh

    best of the lot I would have to say is Tidus.
    The pose was right, and his costume is the only one that kinda works with Pleather.

    He's also got that fake 6-pack which Square finds so hard to animate...nice

    I hope mini-bash doesn't see any of these.

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