Jet Set Radio Coming To Xbox Live Arcade?

Someone named "Xbox360 Leaker" dropped a screenshot of a French-language Xbox Live Marketplace that shows the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio available as a demo. The picture, of unknown provenance, adds weight to rumours that other Dreamcast classics are inbound.

Jet Set Radio was the game's Japanese name (Jet Grind Radio was its name in North America), but one would have to figure that if they're going to take it this far, this game would include the additional content from Jet Grind and De La Jet Set Radio

Nothing's confirmed, but it should definitely whet the appetites of Dreamcast fans, of which there are many.

Rumor: Jet Set Radio Might be Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade [Destructoid via Gay Gamer]


    Please, please, please be true.

      Awesome, awesome game! JSRF on Xbox 1 was great too and actually had a better soundtrack.

    im a massive JSR fanboy and this news is awesome! but please can they either make JSRF a downloadable game or make it actually work with playable framerates!!!

    either that or hurry the f$%# up with a new Jet Set game please!

    have to say i'm more interested in the Quake Arena and Sonic 4 on his list with achievements unlocked!

    SKIES OF ARCADIA PLEASE!!! Skies of Arcadia 2 would be better though! Lets get on this SEGA....I need "Cutlass Flury" in my life!

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