Jetpacks Let You Jump All Over Battlefield Heroes' New Map

Battlefield Heroes, the zany, free-to-play combat game from EA DICE has a new map, a new game mode to play on it, and jet packs to get you around it.

The map, "Midnight Mayhem" sets the Heroes in a nighttime environment - the ruins of a military compound. The game mode, V2 Vengeance, is a modified capture-the-flag game with the namesake rocket as the objective. And "Rocket Fuel" is a new in-game widget, which gives oomph to an equipped jetpack, and both let you jump around the map.

The patch went live today. That video above gives you an idea of what to expect.

V2 Vengeance [Battlefield Heroes]


    looks like a bit of fun to me!

    maybe it's time i started playing again - then again everyone else will be sooooo far ahead of me it's be ridiculous.

    Man, that game got crap really fast. Might as well add Wake to the map.

    Might be fun, if it didn't feel like a rip off of TF2 which you have to repeatedly pay for (or play a game where you're nerfed to hell).

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