Just Cause 2 DLC Brings Inventive New Ways To Cause Explosions

Want some parachute thrusters? How about a half-shotgun, half rocket launcher? All this and more is coming in two sets of Black Market downloadable content for Just Cause 2.

As if there weren't enough ways to cause havoc in Just Cause 2, Square Enix has tapped the black market to bring even more power to the players. The Black Market downloadable content is divided into two sets. First up we have the Black Market Aerial Pack, due out on April 29, which features the F-33 Dragon jet fighter, a multi-lock missile launcher, and parachute dual thrusters, which effectively turn Rico's parachute into a mobile aerial battle platform.

The on May 25 players can pick up the Black Market Boom Pack, which includes the quad rocket launcher, which combines a shotgun and a rocket launcher, a cluster bomb launcher and the experimental air propulsion gun, powerful enough to launch enemy vehicles into the sky.

The packs will run 160 Microsoft points or $US1.99 apiece, depending on your platform. Is a missile launcher/shotgun combo worth $US2 to you?


    Damn it. I have 280 MS points on my account. I can only choose one.

    There was a leak a while back which stated most of the DLC for Just Cause 2, it looks like Rico is also going to be getting a hovercraft, parachute skins, a two more vehicles and a few more guns (new pistol, clusterbomb launcher and assault rifle) down the line.

      I may be wrong but the limited edition contains rico's signature pistol, assault rifle, hovercraft and a couple of other things. That would more likely be what was "leaked"

        Correct. I have the limited edition for PC, and have been using them. The Bullseye rifle is amazing and has been my primary weapon for much of the game. $50,000 every time I need more ammo kinda hurts though :P

    The thrusters on the parachute sound a little silly, I mean you could already move quickly and easily on the parachute. Sure aiming was difficult but it just made it all the more fun when you managed to perfectly drop a grenade into a guard tower. However some DLC is better than no DLC.

    I was hoping the DLC would have something to do with the weird island in the northwest corner of the map.

      I think that weird Island has something to do with the story....

      I've only completed 15% of the games missions so far, but putting the dots together I think what you find on that island- if you venture to it uninvited- might have something to do with the main story that unfolds through the Agency missions.

      What ever it is, there sure is some interesting things to be found there...

        I hought as much too, but believe it or not, it IS a mission, but not a storyline. Its a pretty damn epic mission though!

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