Just Cause 2 Is Actually A Simulation

An Austrian skydiver grapples two planes together, Just Cause 2 style, as seen on News.com.au.

[Thanks for the tip, Mick!]


    holy shit i thought this picture was photoshopped

      I thought you were quoting a developer and that was a screen-shot showing how ludricrous the idea was.

    Wow! I thought this was a story about Just Cause 2 the game... not the real life version! That dude has some balls, i'll give him that

    QUICK L-ALT...

    Umm what about the piolet that has the balls to fly upside down while a skydiver connects the 2 planes. Thats is one skilled person.

      Agreed. Heck, the 3 involved in that stunt all have balls.

    I couldn't help myself, JC2 was just the first thing that came into my head.
    Cheers for giving me my 5 seconds David. :)

    I thought this was a screenshot from JC2 at first glance.

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