Just Cause 2 Multiplayer? Somebody's Working On It

While we never reviewed it, know that I played a lot of Just Cause 2, and I loved it. The only thing that would have made it better was some multiplayer, and, hey, what do you know. Look at this.

Similar to mods for the Grand Theft Auto games on PC, some guys are working to bring multiplayer to Square Enix's singleplayer-only island adventure. At the moment it's early days, the clip above showing only a couple of players in a race, but just think of the possibilities if they ever get this thing working: grapple hook fights.

The game is crazy enough with what it lets you do with that thing. What could happen with multiple grappling hooks loose in the game world?

Good times, that's what.


    Man i love this game. I would so love to have this multiplayer just to mess around with friends,but as i have this on 360 i doubt it will happen for us. I gather it is just pc that this glorious thing will happen for if it does hapen.

    Ah PC mod communities, how I love you so.

    Well there already are some multi-grapple mods, so you can have a go at some crazy stuff already. But multiplayer would still be great, already have it on 360, will probably get it on PC just for the mods.

    It's almost enough incentive to upgrade once again.

    This may come as a surprise but not every game needs multiplayer.

      True, but this is a game that screams out for it. The game is all about stupid over the top mayhem in a sandbox, similar to Crackdown. And if you ever played multiplayer Crackdown you'll know where I'm comming from :D

      this one does XD

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