Kane & Lynch 2 Box Art Doesn't Want Its Picture Taken

The bold new art direction for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days spills over onto the cover of the game, sporting a nifty spy camera look, complete with pixel imperfections.

It's a striking image that's sure to catch the eye on your local retailer's store shelves, if anything. I love how they've stayed true to the game's design principals, instead of going for generic airbrushed video game cover number 17 (collect the whole set). This level of dedication to the documentary film aesthetic has me intrigued, enough so that I will seriously considering picking the game up when it hits retailers in a few months.


    I like the direction they've taken here too. My only criticism is that I wish they'ed preserved the slightly over-exposed look of the original. It tends to mask the tell-tale CG plasticine look, which this one has going on in spades.

    i like the picture quite a a lot, but all the labels and the title take away from it too much. It just looks messy.
    Maybe if they had the labels seperate and made the picture look like a polaroid shot taped onto the box. That would be really cool.


    Okay so I heard the original was terrible. What was so bad about it?

      the guns were the most inaccurate PoS's ever made, I mean, these guy are supposed to be trained killers (well, the one you controlled) so you think he would be able to fire in a straight line, alos I managed to shoot an enemy in the Head 5 times before he went down, WTF.
      well, thats why I didnt like it, the story was getting interesting though, but the gameplay killed it for me

    That is the worst game cover ive ever seen

      Keep us updated on your awful opinions. Thanks!

    Although an interesting cover, can't shake the fact that one looks like Andy from Little Britain...


    Cant. Fraggin. Wait.

    Yet i still can't help but think this game will be greatly overrated much like the original. :)

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