Kelly Rowland, Halo, Russell Crowe Headline Xbox Charity Auction

To celebrate shifting a million consoles in Australia and New Zealand, Microsoft is putting a bunch of one-of-a-kind celebrity Xbox 360s up for auction. And we have to admit, that Halo one looks pretty sweet.

Celebs such as Kelly Rowland, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Hawkins, Elle MacPherson, Hugh Jackman and Kim Kardashian are among those who have had their likenesses airbrushed onto the case of an Xbox 360. They're joined by sportsmen Mark Webber, Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill and Usain Bolt, plus randoms such as Slash, Jamie Oliver, Hamish and Andy and the casts of Master Chef and Home & Away.

The auctions kick off today with Rowland and Crowe's consoles joined by a special Swarovski crystal console (pictured right) and a Halo console designed by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop. All proceeds from the auctions will be donated to the David Peachey Foundation to help indigenous kids.

“It’s great to be here to celebrate with Xbox, one million consoles sold is huge!” said Kelly Rowland. “What better way to celebrate the one million milestone than by raising money for a great cause, the David Peachey Foundation. All the one-of-a-kind consoles look awesome, so get bidding Australia!”

Yes, she actually said all that, according to this press release here.

You can see the rest of the first round of charity consoles below. How much would you pay for that Halo one?

Konsoles for Kids Charity Auction [Xbox]


    Niiiiiiiiice..... Except, well, are we SURE that the Halo one hasn't just had the crap kicked out of it and been thrown into a fire?

      Can you imagine sending that back for service?

      "Well sir, it seems there are bullet holes in your console".

    I'm sorry outside of the Halo console and the fact that the proceeds are going to a good cause (I'm assuming) placing random celebrities on the side of X360's is laughable.
    In most cases the celebrities have nothing to do with video game consoles or X360 so what market are they really aiming at?

    I can only assume the “I’ve got money to donate to charity and don’t really need anything in return crowd” are sick of whatever “nothing in return” they usually get at these sorts of things.

    At least the Halo console will appeal to gaming enthusiasts and looks spectacular!

      I guess the idea is that Russ or Kelly might do an interview and mention Xbox and the charity. I'd expect you'll hear Hamish and Andy talking about theirs, at least.

      They do look pretty tacky though.

        Yes I guess that is possible but while I suspect Hamish and Andy can pull it off - I'm sure I've heard them talk about the odd gaming experience on their show.

        I've got to cringe in awkward anticipation of hearing Elle MacPherson, Russel Crow or even Kelly Rowland (who I've never heard off) try and promote the charity with any real sense of pride on being on the side of an X360.

        One thing is for sure Jennifer Hawkins noggin on the side of a 360 will raise a bucket load more coin than my own ugly mug on it.

        On Jinx OZ's twitter, she mentioned that K Rowland was in the [xbox] office, in Sydney... so I guess these are hot off the press>????

      As a side observation shouldn't MC be going to town on tearing out the insides of a PS3 and not the descendant of his birthplace?

    Shouldn't the russell crowe one have a phone instead of a bow

    You have to say that Halo one looks all kinds of awesome. If it gets a RROD though, will Microsoft replace it with a refurbished white Arcade?

    This is the closest I've ever gotten to objectiphilia.


    It looks like the entry "wounds" on the halo one are facing the wrong way.

      I noticed that as well. Still looks pretty sweet though.

    Some of them are so bad (Kelly Rowland??) that there may be a chance to pick them up for below the cost then towel it and hope for a plain white replacement...

    Master Chef? Well, I guess that could be explained away with the excuse of 'typo', but Home and Away?!

    I almost want to bid on one of these things purely for the laughs it will generate amongst my friends.

    So many of those celebrities are completely irrelevant to Australia and New Zealand. It's baffling.

    Hang on a second, if this is for charity does that make it tax deductible?
    If you can pick up one of the uninteresting ones for the price of a standard system it might be worth it if you can claim on tax

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