Key Players Depart Call Of Duty Developers

Despite rumours of Call of Duty developers being "held hostage" over withheld bonus payments, it nevertheless looks like some of those involved with the series have begun to leave Infinity Ward following the sacking of the studio's founders.

As revealed by the pair's LinkedIn profiles (pictured below), Todd Alderman, a Lead Designer and one of the key personnel involved in Modern Warfare's multiplayer (not to mention Modern Warfare 2's story), left the company last week, as did Francesco Gigliotti, Infinity Ward's lead software engineer. Both were long-serving members of the studio, Alderman having been with Infinity Ward for eight years, Gigliotti for seven.

Their departures come only a month after publishers Activision sacked Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West over allegations of "breaches of contract and insubordination". It's unclear what Zampella and West are planning in the wake of their firing, though the pair have signed with a Hollywood talent agency.

The circumstances under which the pair left the studio are unclear, though it's believed they both resigned. We'll update this post if we hear anything more.


    Activision have killed their golden-egg-laying goose. But they haven't made it fast - they've just opened up a vein so it'll slowly bleed to death over the next couple of years while Robert Kotick keeps on poking it with a stick, scratching his head and wondering why the eggs keep getting smaller and less-golden.

    Good on them i say, now for more major players to step down and it's game over Activision.

    *Channels Shang Tsung from awesome Mortal Combat film*

    "It has begun!"

    this is how it seems to go, studios become bloated and the cream break away, form their own studio, get aquired, become bloated themselves and break away again.

    2015 spawns infinity ward which spawns who knows what next.

    Hmm... Last year, I'd have never thought that Medal of Honour might surpass Call of Duty, but with this news, I doubt the next CoD can cater to fans' expectations, and the new MoH might be what CoD fans want in the end.

    Which is sad in a way, because CoD had a relatively good storyline, and it's a shame for that to have its future up in the air. On the other hand, it also stops other companies from getting complacent: if you don't treat people right, you're stuffed.

    We can say 'bye-bye' to the Call of Duty series then. No doubt Activision will release more of them and milk the series as much as they can but with all the key players gone they will be crap.

    i dont like this one bit...first infinity ward, and now with the recent shake up it seem bobby wants to have "more input" with blizzard. Of that wanker even thinks about doing anything to blizzard and its empolyees like he has done to infinity ward, not only will he have 10million pissed of WoW Addicts, but he will then have to contend with a pissed off south korea

      oh yeah, lets not forget that blizzard is the only thing that keeping activion afloat right now.

    Rumor has it that Treyarch is working on the next one and i enjoyed CoD 5. I'm not in it for the story, i'm in it for the multi-player.

    Sure Activision just killed a goose, but they have other gooses as well. You don't see WoW shrinking

    Activision have always had more than just Infinity Ward working on CoD the series will continue to be made and will continue to sell a high volume of units regardless of staff, Beyond that it makes plenty of money with the Guitar/Band/DJ Hero's it spews out constantly. Then you have the Blizzard side with WoW and the imminent Release of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 plus the continued rumours of a new MMO being built this wont harm there bottom line whatsoever

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