Kingdom Hearts Figures Might Be Too Damn Cute

Kingdom Hearts fans, who we know like things cute, will surely snap up these new figures from Square Enix, which are not only based on Kingdom hearts characters, but are incredibly, impossibly cute.

There are five available - Sora, Cloud, Tifa, Axel and Riku - with the catch being you need to buy them as a box of nine randomly-packed figures, meaning you may not get all five. This box will cost you about USD$60 when they're out in August.

Kingdom Hearts is a joint venture by Square Enix, creators of Final Fantasy, and Disney, creators of... Mickey Mouse, in which characters from both companies are combined in a single game.

Kingdam Hearts Trading Arts Mini Vol.1 [Hobby Search]


    Bloody creepy!

    But I want Cloud! And Sora! :D

    He'd go well with me Keyblade :3

    /me is a nerd :P

    It's the faces - lips especially - that make these creepy. It's actually a shame that they make these a no go.

    They look like Noddy.

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