Kotaku AU's Community Service Award Goes To...

We're handing out our first Community Service Award today. It goes to the Kotaku commenter who made the most valuable contribution over the past week. And the winner is...


Jay is one of our most frequent commenters. He (I'm assuming Jay is a he) is never the most eloquent commenter, but he never fails to raise a pertinent point and his passion for games is evident in everything he writes.

Well done, Jay, you are the first ever recipient of the Kotaku AU Community Service Award. For your efforts, you win five items from the 2010 Big Pile of Crap. Choose wisely from these pairs:

1. DJ Hero turntable and game on PlayStation 3 ... or Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360 2. A Monster Hunter Tri cap ... or Hasbro Family Game Night on Wii 3. A pack of Bayonetta playing cards ... or a Gears of War 2 art book 4. Supreme Commander 2 on PC ... or Sonic Collection on DS 5. A BioShock 2 t-shirt (size M) ... or a packet of green tea (supplied by Nintendo)

Kotaku AU's Community Service Award goes to the Kotaku reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past week. Each week I’ll publish a list of ten items - grouped in five pairs - taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each Monday I’ll announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items - one from each pair - from the pile to be delivered to their door.

UPDATE: If you can design a proper logo for the Community Service Award, I'll send you something from the Pile of Crap. Send it to me at the usual address.


    Good on ya Jay! I'd vote for the Ninty Tea!

    Well Done Jay!

    If you don't pick the green tea we will all be very dissapointed.

    Congratulations Jay! Well deserved. ;)

    And David, it's a small thing, but it's great that you write a little paragraph on the winner.

    And I can't wait to see the new posts over the next week!

    Much deserved win (award) to Jay there. I'm glad to see that regular contributors are getting added incentives to keep on contributing.

    That being said, Jay, If you don't take the tea, we'll all disown you.

      It's true! Muchos congratulatories to Jay and there will be much celebration tonight in your honour. But only if you take the Ninty tea.
      If you don't, we will hunt. You. DOWN.


    Grats Jay, good to see we're all pitching in to keep the Aussie Kotaku Community going

    Grats :]

    I think those who were already regular contributors should get the prizes first. It makes sense to thank them for their earlier contributions that weren't trigged by prize incentives.

      How do you discern who was a 'regular' poster, though? Would someone who commented on every article last month, but now simply comments here and there be one you consider for the role? What about someone who posted every now and then, and now more often?

      I really don't think it matters what people have done in the past. It's a weekly contest, and starts and ends every week, not one that has technically been going on forever. It's the now that matters ;)

        I think both should be taken into account, but you can't let the people who have been here have a major advantage over newer commenters. I'm sure David's fair though, and Jay's win is well deserved.

    Cool, thanks guys!

      Not you, the other Jay.

        You'd think it would be obvious that you would post the username of the winner...

    i'll fire up my photoshop and make a logo sometime tonight, whatever happend to that facebook logo thing a few months ago?, did anyone else besides me send a logo in

      Can you re-send the Facebook logo?

    My entry (should be public viewable). Comment on it please ^_^


    Nice work! Some good choices there. I like the idea of this award too. Also, the green tea = epic win. Who wouldn't choose that?

      Me! I have so much at home I don't know what to do with it.

      I got Pu Ur and Loo Cha coming out the back side!!!

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