Kotaku AU's Community Service Award

Our weekly reward for Kotaku's best commenter starts today. We're calling it our Community Service Award. Let's see what you could win.

Late last year, I gave away a Big Pile Of Crap. Or, to be precise, three piles of crap. I boxed up all the gaming swag I’d accumulated over the year and offered it up to the Kotaku reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site over the Christmas and New Year period.

Now I’ll be doing the very same thing (almost) every single week. Sure, the individual prizes piles of crap won’t be as impressive, but there’ll be roughly 17 more chances for you to win over the course of the year. Better yet, if you win once there's nothing stopping you from winning again.

Each week I’ll publish a list of ten items - grouped in five pairs - taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each Monday I’ll announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items - one from each pair - from the pile to be delivered to their door.

Up for grabs this week we have:

1. DJ Hero turntable and game on PlayStation 3 ... or Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360 2. A Monster Hunter Tri cap ... or Hasbro Family Game Night on Wii 3. A pack of Bayonetta playing cards ... or a Gears of War 2 art book 4. Supreme Commander 2 on PC ... or Sonic Collection on DS 5. A BioShock 2 t-shirt (size M) ... or a packet of green tea (supplied by Nintendo)

Now, get commenting!


    hahaha that is easily the best positioning for the green tea. Reading through the list i was thing "cool, oo, hmm ok, nice!, awesome, ok...wait..what?"

    I believe my ability to win these is governed purely by how bored i am at work. lol

    Best of luck to everyone.

    I must drink nintendo green tea

    David, why did Nintendo supply you with green tea?

      I honestly don't know.

      Made from dried Mario racoon leaves, if you drink it, then run fast enough, it will make you P.

      God, I'm hoping someone gets that.

        Will it make you do that hilarious “boink” sound everytime you hump the air?

        i too giggled like a school boy

        *starts a slow clap for explody*

    Are there any guidelines for the winning commenter. Are you looking for funny, insighful, crazy stoopid, fanboy rant etc?

    Not that I think I am in with a shot, just interested to see how the brain of a Wildgoose works? I mean how often do you get to see one of those this close in real life!

      As mentioned, I'm looking for "the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site". It's a case of quantity and quality.

    I think we all agree whoever wins has to take the Nintendo-Tea.

      well for me it's a no brainer as i'm a XS-S, so medium is miles too big...

      And yes... i am in fact a leprechaun

    I'd hate to imagine what kind of merchandise you guys end up throwing out, purely because it's too cheap and nasty and nobody wants it...

    That said, there's some cool kit in there; any chance you guys can keep a track of the stats behind how comments (quality and quantity) go up/down/sideways pre- and post-community service awards?

      Since it's pretty much DW that runs the site on his own, I doubt that'd happen.
      Although you never know, anything's possible.

    I'm so glad this wasn't an April Fool's joke.
    I hoped it was just a coincidence that it was announced the first day of April, so glad it was.
    I know the odds of actually getting the prize are low, but the kotaku swag is always top quality, so let's see the comments reach the same high calibre.

    I'll keep commenting on the website but I dont want to win!! I have enough items similar to the ones mentioned, as such let me know if you want people to make donations towards such competitions cause like I said I have a whole bunch of promo game crap from work I sure as hell dont want hahahaha.

      game crap you dont want!!, i love this promo stuff i cant buy in stores, makes me feel like a special little boy.

        When you work for a Video Game retailer for over 7 years you accumulate enough promo items that it starts to pile up... hahaha

    Question, do you just go by nicknames?
    For example if someone was posting as "Nath" and another person as "Nath", would you know which was which?
    Probably a very intern00b question...

      I can see the email address you've entered, along with the IP address. So yes, I can tell the difference between two people with the same username. Of course, using Facebook Connect removes any possible confusion.

        I view this site predominantly from work...which blocks Facebook and YouTube...sighz.
        Double sighz when considering the links to and embedded videos on this site are from YouTube and I can't view them.
        Not blaming, based on the popularity of YouTube I understand...still sucks sometimes though.
        Then you see a GameTrailers video and I cry in happiness 'coz I can actually view it!

    Some of this is very nice ;)

    Good luck, and good comments!

    And David, great idea! It's better than an all-in-one contest, because it's recurring and allows different winners.

    Though, I must admit, the quality of comments on Kotaku has always been relatively high.

    This pairing/choosing thing sounds great and the prizes are much better than what I had expected. I probably won't win but that won't stop me from commenting.

    God... I love Kotaku <3

      Wow who knew commenting on Kotaku could be so fun!

      For the past year+ I've spent on Kotaku I would just check all the new articles and read the ones that interest me, never bothering to comment. In all honesty I was planning to comment more last year after I had won a competition. I felt like adding more comments could be my way of saying "thanks".

      I have started to comment (maybe once a week?) this year and this prize is the perfect opportunity for me to start commenting on Kotaku on a regular basis.

      Prizes or not, from this day forth I shall give my opinions and comments on Kotaku :)

    No time lurker, first time comment'er - too good an opportunity to pass up, and I am sure should I win - comments will just keep coming!

    would telling David there is a drastic shortage of tea at our house and we are considering rationing out our last tea reserves work to get his compassion ?

    i dare say that he has the power to grant my family peace with a supply of mario tea delivered to my door(along with some other items i noticed in his swag)

    or he could create a war by denying such important rations.

    David Wildgoose, hero and peace giver ? or destroyer of worlds...........(read denier of tea's)

    only he can decide.

    Can't wait. Though I won't win since I won last Dec.

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