Kotaku Off Topic: 4 Is The Magic Number

April Fools Day gags, drinking problems, Star Wars, iPhone operating system updates—we'll talk about anything in Kotaku Off Topic, because that's where off topic conversation goes.

So, Apple's having a "sneak peek" at the iPhone's new OS on April 8 and I'm reasonably excited, despite owning a plain old 3G model of the device, a good enough version that makes me not desire an iPad or the 3GS model with its fancy compass. The only thing I wish my iPhone did was make a reliable phone call, but I may have my pals at AT&T to thank for that.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh right, anything.


    Darn. I thought the 4 in the thumbnail was for a PS4. :< I am disappoint.

    I think its safe to say Apple will disappoint with the new OS.

    I'm no Apple hater at all, but i'm definitely no fanboy! I see the good and bad in both MS and Apple.

    I just don't get why nearly every critic and review of a phone is compared to the iPhone and the phrase, "This could be the iPhone killer we are looking for..."

    Okay by iPhone killer they can mean "sell a heck of a lot of phones" fair enough. But their are a few phones out their that go beyond what the iPhone does. It's pretty much WHAT the iPhone DOES offer, it does reasonably well. App Store, touchscreen, the look of the phone, web browser, speed and Wi-Fi. But for all of those their are A LOT of faults from removeable battery, no flash support or flash for the camera. No decent camera. No extra camera for video calling... anyone can go on whether they own one or not.

    Either way, Apple please but they also disappoint and they've been doing a lot of the latter recently. I don't see them listening anytime soon to consumer demands considering the iPhone is still a success.

      Oh another thing(s)...

      I don't get WHY they're going to "announce" or preview the new OS now and then release it in say June which is the usual pattern for the iPhone, WHEN they only just released the iPad.

      The iPad will no doubt get an update aswell no? I haven't looked much into the thing but it does run off iPhone OS as I believe. So why not reveal the OS before the iPads launch and let the iPad be the first device to use the OS 4.0

    Yeah I hated the thing with Cartoon Network, they should have NO say about something that is so distantly related to their crappy cartoon series, that it shouldnt matter.

    Apple Apple Apple.. Blah Blah Blah, that's all that's been written about all week so far.. that damn iPad.. that's getting mixed reviews (from non Fanboys anyway)
    I agree with Jay, it's probably not going to be all that everyone wants/thinks it should be..
    Personally I'd rather have a new WP7 phone.

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