Kotaku Off Topic: A Red Letter Weekend

Welcome to a not very special episode of Kotaku Off Topic, because this one's just like all the others, a place for commenters new and old to talk openly about whatever they choose, video games and beyond.

I'm really looking forward to a few days off, even though I'll technically be "working" by playing Dead or Alive Paradise over the weekend. But this weekend brings with it two exciting events. One, our monthly Geek Night, in which me and my extremely nerdy friends get together to drink beer, play video games early and relax. Two, Red Letter Media, the guy(s) responsible for the 70 minute review of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace appear to have their next review of Episode II: Attack of the Clones in the can. Given that this is my second least favourite Star Wars movie—I bet you can't guess my least favorite!—I'm eager to watch.

Wait, shouldn't this be Food Friday on Kotaku Off Topic, you're probably not thinking? Well, it's really up to you, now, isn't it?


    Food Friday? I think I've missed something on the site...

    I was really let down by Clash of The Titans. I was hoping it would be like the film version of God of War. Instead, it's an idiotic movie with stunted dialogue, no character or plot development and some bad acting (Though Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes do the best with what's given). In Laymans terms, Clash of the Titans is 'Teh Suck'.

    Also, I like Food Friday. Makes more sense to stuff our faces full of food on Food Friday rather than stuffing our faces full of food to commemorate someone dying.

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