Kotaku Off Topic: Bidness

Who wants to talk about video games? Well take it somewhere else, pal! We got off topic things to discuss tonight! That are kind of video game related!!

Today, I made a rare eBay purchase. And I mean rare, because in my 9-year-long history as an eBay member, I've purchased and sold a total of ten things. I'm just not cut out for the online auction race, nor am I generally a fan of acquiring used things. Like a good American consumer I want it new and I want it now. But today I purchased two things, one copy of Nintendo Power and one Makaimura model set from 1986. Call it impulse.

What about you? Much of an online auction hound? Here's some other conversation topics, to which you're free to add.


    I mainly use ebay to buy cheap games. The best deals i think i made were GTA IV for $36 where in stores was still over $50 and a Saitek Cyborg gaming mouse for $75 where online was over $100.

    I bought a webcam for $4.
    Surprisingly it works really well.

    I bought a new Street Fighter 4 tournament edition stick from ebay for $150 with postage and handling :D So happy cause they're usually $250+ due to postage and handling....

    I buy and sell game predominatly on eBay.

    I have BF:BC2 and MW2 waiting for me at home and sold most of my old games at Christmas before going overseas.

    I will be picking up Super Street FIghter IV and Skate 3 from pre-order though. Don't want to wait on them.

    I have bought some cool things and some utterly useless crap. An army issue gasmask, a chocolate fountain for a bday pres and a sweet looking machette to name a few. Recently I bought a USB port to plug N64 controllers into my comp to play my emulated games. It's a wonderful world of amazing things and I'm a boy who loves toys. Never too old to buy fun random stuff, ever.

    I also got all my Razor gaming Mouse, Keyboard and Pad plus my Ulrimate Gaming Chair. All at amazing prices in comparison to RRP's.

    I only sell games on ebay, i don't really like the idea of having to post something back because the disc was scratched...

    Whenever I'm looking for a game that's gotten hard to find, ebay's usually a good place to check. Just picked up Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 from there, new, for $30, whereas EBGames wanted $70 or $80 for it.
    I still only buy things that are new, though.

    I use Ebay heaps for video games. I score alot of rare titles for my collection cheap that way. Plus new releases I got: God of War 3, 1 week since release $65, Just Cause 2 360 $60, Final Fantasy XIII about a month out $55. All except Just Cause 2 were Australian PAL. Its amazing. Thats about half the price I would pay if I bought them from Aussie retailers. $100 per game is utter cr**.

    One deal that is looking rather good right now: Monster Hunter Tri + Black Retro controller (classic controller, but black and with grips) + Wii speak for $89 preorder at GAME Online. Amazing deal in my opinion.

    I found the one on shyness interesting. I've never before realised that shyness can be interpreted as selfish.

    I still don’t think of it as selfish myself though I can concede there are valid points to see it that way, but then I’m shy so maybe I’m just being selfish.

    I have over 800+ feedback...obviously im a seller.

    I recently bought Time Crisis 4 for PS3 off Ebay, going to pick it up from the post office tomorrow. AUD$89 including shipping :)

    I just bought a megadrive (genesis for you americans) and a couple games. Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone and Double Dragon and Battletoads. Ohhh Yeahhhh...

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