Kotaku Off Topic: Coleslaw

Who wants to talk about anything? You? Then get yourself into this Kotaku Off Topic post and chat, seek advice, find like-minded Kotaku readers or share with us some news that we missed.

I won't bore you with a long and involved intro, so make your way to the day's off-topic links and dive into the conversation. Me? I'm going to go fantasise about some barbecue and join in the conversation. Happy Thursday.


    Sorry, but Nick Denton sounds like a toolbox that's all spanners.

    He needs a crash course in advertising or marketing strategy. Half of his memo there is comparable to marketing Barbie's Dream House to 20 year old male Emos. Not everyone will read a story, no matter how many times you mention Lady Gaga or that the picture is of Megan Fox dressed for Avatar.

    You guys write for gamers. I don't read the PS3 game stories because I don't own one or plan on owning one. Anyone who frequents this site knows that Zynga makes Farmville. Anyone who accidentally typed in Kotaku.com.au rather than girlfriend.com.au because their fake nails are getting in the way will navigate away instantly.

    I love those chicks in the Ghost World movie, great knockers.

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