Kotaku Off Topic: Humps

Music, comedy, jobs, cats, gadgets—these are just a few of the things you may want to talk about in tonight's Kotaku Off Topic, but we won't put limitations on you. Consider this post a sandbox-style entry!

Me? I want to talk about Star Wars. After having relived some of the horror that is Star Wars: Episode II this weekend while watching RedLetterMedia's review of the prequel, I decided to wash away some of that distaste with a little Empire Strikes Back. Man, is this thing good. Say what you want about the Special Editions, but I'm still blown away by how sharp this film looks on a DVD. Stop motion AT-ATs are where it's at.

One question, if you'll indulge me. Any must have movies for my DVD/Blu-ray collection? Leave your suggestions in the pile of comments.


    Oh damn the arrested development movie makes me a sadpanda D:

    Empire is my all time fave :D If you haven't already, check out Grand Master Ip Man. It's a Chinese film about Bruce Lee's Wing Chun teacher. Brutal.

    Pretty sure the 2006 edition dvds had the original version of empire without the special features. That being said Empires special features are less awful than the other two.

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