Kotaku Off-Topic: If You Can't See The Tread ...

My tyres haven't been replaced since I bought my car in 2005. There's more than 50,000 miles on them. I'm scared to put a penny in the tread, knowing the answer will probably cost another $US399.99.

Back in my hometown there was a businessman named Fred Norman, who fought with Patton's Third Army in World War II and always greeted you with a boisterous "Are ya right?!" and a shoulder-dislocating handshake. Among his many interests, he owned a tire dealership. "If you can't see the tread, see Fred," was his motto, which went on his ads in Dad's newspaper.

Well, it's gettin' close, Fred, but I'm a continent away. Still wish I could see you to get a good deal on a set of four.

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    Wow, are you an idiot?

    Car safety isnt a joke, go replace your tires now. You are putting yourself AND others at risk due to your stininess.

    I'd be more scared of kiling someone and having to live with it than shelling out some measely cash cash.

    The amusing thing about this is they actually give you a penny change to check that set of tyres when they are done.

    ...and I believe if you killed someone that would now constitute negligent homicide or whatever it's called knowing that you are aware of a possible defect with you vehicle...
    You sir are an idiot, if you choose to ignore it.

    I thought you were meant to use a match. If you could see the match head then they needed replacing. How you can you register a car if its tyres are bald anyway?

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