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It's been a day (mostly) without a Crecente, a day without a Good. Don't let it be a day without you joining us for some off topic conversation. Join Kotaku Off Topic. You too, lurkers.

I've been doing a bit of lurking of my own, lately, keeping an eye on a lot of things, like message boards, Facebook, the people I follow on Twitter. I don't seem to have the time to keep up with contributing to those things, not with everything else going on (aka work). But I have found the time to start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer again, one episode a night, a seemingly more common trend of revisiting old things instead of seeking out new ones.

Here are some new things. Bring your own newness to the comments below.


    I was never a Whedon fan because I don't really enjoy Buffy.

    Then I found out he wrote for Roseanne...that didn't help either.

    But there is plenty I do like such as Alien Ressurection, Firefly and of course my fav Astonishing X-Men.

    He really seemed to understand why Claremont's X-Men was so heralded and modernised it.
    He knew why Kitty Pryde was great and exactly how to write an amusing Wolverine. Also he made me care about Cyclops, which no-one has ever, EVER done.

    So when I hear he may be directing Avengers I have some high hopes, which I'm sure some Hollywood Exec is going to shatter in favour of cash.
    Then again, Marvel Studios did a perfect Iron Man...

    It's no fun trying to have a random chat on here when every comment has to be approved. The one on Shacknews is a lot more entertaining.

      It just means the discussion is more thoughtful with less flames and gibberish and pointless comments like "in first".
      I'm not a snob, I just think kotaku is better with thought applied.

    Man, that's weird, I started re-watching buffy just the other day, too. One a night. Takes away Uni stress better than CoD, that's for sure.

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