Kotaku Originals: April Facts

April Fools' Day usually means you can write off one day of that week to complete BS, fakery and hoaxes. But if anything, we had 20 per cent more news than normal - discounting our own satire, of course.

Here's the past week in original reporting from the staff at Kotaku.

Kotaku's PAX East 2010 Coverage

Top Stories

Suspected Game Code Thief Surrenders to Authorities

Gears of War Developer To Debut Next Game on Late Night

Suspected Game Code Thief On the Lam [Update]

The Grand Theft Auto 'Hot Coffee' Payout Cheques Are In The Mail

iPad Games: The Ultimate Gamer's Guide to Apple's iPad

Xbox Live Director's Account Hacked! (Are You Next?)


How You'll Control Geometry Wars On The iPad (And Maybe On the iPhone, Too)

iPad Games: The Ultimate Gamer's Guide to Apple's iPad

iPad Gets Its First Real 3D Game (Glasses Not Included)

Episodic Gaming Invades the iPad with Sam & Max

Apple Admits Gaming is Hard On Their Devices, Patents Solution

The 12 iPad Launch Games We're Most Excited About

What You Could Buy Instead Of An iPad


Is This The New Nintendo 3DS Touchscreen?

A Flying Hamster Shooting Beer - Is This The Best Game Ever Created?

Iron Man Video Game Studio Sent To The Scrapheap By Sega

Blur Beta Set to Open To All (Xbox 360) Users, And Why It Won't Come to the PS3

Sometimes Pokemon Lurks In Your Food

The Tester: Episode 7: 'Killer Recall' Liveblog: Every Doc Has His Day

The Best Games To Watch (While Someone Else Plays Them)

Japan Getting Lost Planet 2 Xbox 360 Bundle

Let's Watch Game Trailers in ASCII Art

Abandon All Hope, There Are No Plans For Geometry Wars 3

Bringing FarmVille To Your Browser Bar

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Is Live, But Broken

What Can 400 Microsoft Points Get You?

Where Posters, Packaging & Box Art Comes From

How Nintendo Can Help You Cook

Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Micro-Review: Almost Going Number Two

Mass Effect 2: Firewalker Micro-Review: Free Tanks, Enquire Within

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Review: Pricey Maps

WarioWare: D.I.Y. Review: Homebrewed Improvement

Wii Upscaler Review: Can The Wii Really Do High Definition?


Well Played: An Arcade In Every Home

Stick Jockey: Vegas Kicked My Ass, But I Returned the Favour - With a Video Game

Leigh Alexander: A Video Game Death Made For Me


UFC Chief Knows Wii Is The Console For Grown-Ups

Indie Sports Game Unites Developer's Dream with a League's Ambition

One Way To Build A Better UFC Game: Make It Faster

Before It Was NBA Jam

How They Brought NBA Jam Back From The Dead

UFC Chief Backs Off Threat To Ban Fighters, Still Loathes EA

April Fools'

Your April Fools' Survival Guide


You Got Your Kotaku In My Steam!!!


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