Kotaku Originals: Warfare Of Attrition

Few stories can overwhelm a major game reveal like Gears of War 3, but the disintegration of the studio that pumped out 2009's cash powerhouse definitely qualifies. If ever there was a week for pyrrhic news victories, this was it.

Kotaku Talk Radio

Call of Duty: Legal Warfare

The Modern Warfare Fight: Your Guide to Activision Vs. Infinity Ward

The Studio Behind Modern Warfare Is "Dead," Insider Says [UPDATE]

EA: Call Of Duty's Publisher Shoots Race Horses (?)

Today's Update On The Great Modern Warfare Developer Bailout

Modern Warfare Developer Sees More Key Departures Today

Modern Warfare Team Loses Two More Veterans [Update]

Modern Warfare Publisher Unruffled By New Competitor

Ex-Modern Warfare Creators Haven't Hatched New Game Idea Yet, Won't Make Battlefield

Gears of War 3

Let's Round Up Gears of War 3 Stuff

Gears of War 3 Now Has Actual Worldwide Release Dates

What Is That Mesmerizing Gears of War 3 Trailer Music?

Gears of War Designer Talks To Jimmy Fallon

Your First Look At Gears Of War 3

Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions

Espgaluda II iPhone Review: When Will My Phone Explode?

Frankenreview: Splinter Cell: Conviction

Kick-Ass Movie Review: Please Step Away From The Comic Book

Star Wars Cantina Micro-review: Serve Greedo First

Final Fight: Double Impact Micro-Review: Take Two and Call It a Classic

Alienware M11x Review: Ultraportable Gaming

Lost In Shadow Preview: A Hidden Wii Gem?

Splinter Cell Conviction Review: The Best Lurks In Shadows

Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot Preview: The 80s Strikes Back

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Tutorial Analysis: Stop Yelling At Me


Lisa Foiles: How Not To Play Games On TV, From Someone Who's Been There

Tim Rogers: The Life of Game: Why I Live In Japan

Well Played: The Accidental Preacher

Stick Jockey: Taking Games' Commentary Beyond Repeat Performances


My Painful Break-Up With Games


X-Com Is Back!

Blizzard Is Selling World Of Warcraft Mounts Because Players Demanded Them

Bionic Commando Rearmed Makers Get 1Up With New Studio

Dick Cheney, Video Game Villain?

Dubbing Or Subtitles? Take Your Pick!

Ten Unforgettable Video Game Songs

2K Studio Name Madness Continues With New XCOM Game

Another New "X-Com" Game, And It's Not A Shooter

God of War III, Pokemon & More Battle It Out For March's Bestseller Crown

Sony Launching 3D Games This June

Just Look At That Super Mario Swag

What's The Big Deal About A New XCOM?

It's Like Gears of War, But With Angry Deer

Why Did Apple Break a Broken System?

The Grey Developers (Or, Where Did All The Young Ones Go?)

A Place To Drink Coffee With Gundam

Super Mario and Japan's National Pride

The Winner Of The Tester Explains Why He Wanted To Win Work

Final Fantasy Composer's Chocobo Cosplay Wishes, Avatar Scoring Dreams

Crysis Creator Wishes Apple Was More Enthusiastic About Computer Gaming

Should She Be Chainsawable?

Splinter Cell: Conviction Freezing On Xbox 360s, Temporary Fix Available [UPDATE: Fixed?]

"Brutality" Of Console Gamers Sharpened Crysis 2, Didn't Dumb It Down

Spelunking Through ‘Heavy Rain's' plot holes [Spoilers]

Capcom's Annual Private Game Fest Promises to Captivate

Darksiders: The Book Of Hell (And Pretty Ladies)

The End of Original Xbox Live

Still No Official Shutdown Time For Xbox Live Support Of Original Xbox [UPDATE]

Title Update 4 Never Brings theatre, Forge Support To Halo 2

Today, The Original Xbox Live Dies


Origin Of Plant-Fighting Zombies Currently Unknown


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