Kotaku's Community Service Award Prizes Are...

For those late to the party, Kotaku AU's Community Service Award is bestowed weekly upon the reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days. They win prizes. Such as these.

It works like this: each week I’ll publish a list of ten items - grouped in five pairs - taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each Monday I’ll announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items - one from each pair - from the pile to be delivered to their door.

Yes, I know I've already missed one week. I blame the long weekend.

Your ten items for next Monday are:

1. A Bayonetta Xbox 360 Climax Edition (with replica gun) ... or a God of War III PS3 game and press kit (in wooden box) 2. A Monster Hunter Tri cap ... or a BioShock 2 tin bottle 3. A Mass Effect 2 PC game ... or a Sonic Classic Collection DS game 4. A Good Game "Gamer's Guide to Good Gaming" book ... or a Street Fighter Legends comic 5. A Nintendo DSi XL little black book (not pictured) ... or a Nintendo DSi XL stylus pen (also not pictured)

Oh, and how do you like the logo?


    Oh man, I was just havin' a chat about how cool those GOW3 boxes are, I want one so [email protected]!

      That GOW3 box is not to be underestimated. The wooden box itself is a sight and smell to behold.

        The wooden box looks a lot better than the plastic Pandora's box included in the ultimate edition.

        ...I also like the new Community Service award logo but I will definitely miss seeing that huge ball of crap Katamari screenshot.

    That's some nice swag for just commenting (usefully).

    I won I won!

    That logo is pretty awesome! Looks alot like Captain Planet it would seem! :)

    God, that stuff looks awesome. Good luck to everyone!

    And I do admit, that was one of the nicer logos :)

    Indeed it does look like nice swag this time around.
    Whoever wins it will have a few choices on their hands! I still think the tea should be a regular choice though...

    1 winner gets to choose 5 things? Why not have 5 winners that get to choose 1 thing from their nominated group? Share the love..

    Heres hoping that there will become a dog item that gets passed up over and over again.. maybe the DSi XL stylus?

      It's a weekly comp, so there'll be plenty of winners throughout the year. Although there's nothing to stop one person winning twice.

    Niiice, I got the win!!

    Glad it was the most popular David!!

      also, should I be expecting an e-mail sometime soon?
      Glad to see my stuff displayed on my favourite gaming website :)

      Matt, would you like the box of tea that Nintendo sent me?

        I'm never one to turn down free tea !!

          Well done to Tasos who looked like a close second in the voting tally. He should get a runner-up prize :)

        Oh, that's how it is.

        You've changed man... it used to be about the music.

    Great idea for people who visit daily but dont post anything, like myself, to get more involved.

    Oh geez, Captain Planet has made a return XD

    Looks like a really nice pile of crap this week, an awesome selection!

    if i say i like that hideous picture do i win those prizes?

      Isn't Kotaku all about hideous colour combinations of greens and pinks? You'll hurt my feelings with comments like that :p

    GOD OF WAR 3?! o.O

    Must...post...winning...comment...of...win D:

    Also, yay, Captain Kotaku! :D


    "Go Kotaku!"

    "By your controllers combined, I am Captain Wildgoose!"

    Captain Wildgoose, he's our hero
    Gonna make us all count to zero

    He's our gamer info guy
    And he's playing in his break time

    Captain Wildgoose, he's our hero
    Gonna take us all our for beer-o!

    Gonna help him put to shame
    Bad guys who like to pawn and rage

    "You'll pay for this Captain Wildgoose!"

    We're the Kotakuteers
    You're not as cool as us
    But you should visit the site and see what's all the fuss 

    QQing is not the way
    Captain Wildgoose likes to PewPew all day!

    "The Power is Yours!"

      I reckon substitute Heart for... IPHONE!

      and i'd love to go for a beer-o. great work LOL

    Glad to see someone appreciates my efforts.

    Good day www.kotaku.com.au
    Summer break is upon us, I'm bored. Hoping to discover some extra time consuming web funnies.
    Will be glad to see your best finds :-)

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