Ladies And Gentlemen, Restart Your Steam Engines

As promised, the new Steam client is now live, giving PC gamers the sort of shiny new and revamped features they've been craving for years.

Just look at that library screen! It's by far my favourite feature of the new Steam, though when you've got a gazillion games to navigate through I suppose it's a little more impressive. To those of you who've been in the beta test, this is old hat, but for those of you who opted to wait until release, now is the time to update your Steam client. My client just told me so.

And just in case you're confused by what you see, check out Luke's guided tour to help you get your bearings.


    @mrchomicz: if you wanted to game, why in the hell did you buy a mac?

      You replied to the US comments =P
      It's nice that the US Comments actually work on Kotaku AU now, but I think it'd be good if we could default it to show AU comments, or have options like defaulting to whichever has more comments.

        Well, "work". As in they appear now. But it would be nice if they actually appeared in order instead of whatever seemingly random pattern they use instead.

    I now cant get into my steam account on my big computer. Cant connect to the internet. Can access on my lap top so not a router issue. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Found the problem. Freys filter was blocking. Just unassigned then loaded up correctly. Still love freys filter. iinet freezone goodness yeah!!

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