Ladies, Do Not Try And Sell A Nintendo Wii Over Craigslist

A pair of women from Toledo, Ohio thought it would be a good idea to try and sell their Nintendo Wii consoles via Craigslist. Ladies: it is never a good idea to conduct video game business over Craigslist.

In two completely unrelated incidents, one woman was assaulted when a prospective "purchaser" came to her home. "As I kind of went to close the screen door, he then proceeded to come in," she said. "He punched me in the face, grabbed the Wii off the end of the table and was gone before I even knew it."

The other lady's transaction went by without a hitch. Or so she thought. After the buyer had left with the console, however, the lady noticed they'd paid in counterfeit bills.

Toledo, Craigslist, no, no no.

2 Lucas Co. women victimized selling Wii systems on Craigslist [WTOL]


    I guess they had a...
    *puts on sunglasses*
    Wii bit of a problem.


      Your reply made my day, sir, thank you.

      Dude.... That's terrible

      dude, come on. you sound way to scottish.

      I guess they had a…
      *puts on kilt*
      Wii bit of a problem.


      David Caruso would be proud.

      10/10, now if you doa "we heard you like Wii..." I will die happy!

    Come On a Wii cannot be worth that much, that you have to steal it!

    I guess there is lots of trolls on Craigslist

    Sometimes I think people find more comments more interesting than the story.

    I'd say they can have mine for free (theres no need for a random punch in the face by the way) if my wife ever gets sick of it.

    I've traded via Craigslist before (usually larger 'home' items like furniture) and it's fine if you take normal precautions.

    For sellers for instance. Don't tell them to meet at home, but rather a public venue like a carpark and that if they don't bring the money (or try to haggle on the spot despite agreed price) then just leave.

    For buyers, just follow the seller's requirements and be sure to tell at least one person you know about them. Their address for instance, in case you go missing and end up in multiple garbage bags.

    Common sense, people.

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