Lady Gaga Sporting Pokemon Tattoos? Um...

Popstar Lady Gaga arrived in Japan's Narita Airport wearing an I-don't-know-what and sporting Japanese scribbled on her arm. And while her music videos might have game references (here and here), her arm does not.

Neither does that Hermes Birkin bag that has been defaced. (Named after popstar Jane Birkin, Birkin bags typically cost from $US6,000 and up. Birkin is also known for recording a really great song while having "simulated" sex with her then boyfriend Serge Gainsbourg.)

The temporary tattoo on Gaga's arm says "I love little monster" and the writing on the Birkin bag reads "I love small monster Tokyo love". These are not references to Pocket Monsters, but rather, her own fans, which she affectionately calls "little monsters". (It's also unlikely she is referring to this classic.)

It is not believed that Gaga wrote these messages herself.

Gaga is coming off releasing her newest album The Fame Monster last year and is currently on the Asia leg of her Monster Ball Tour, playing two shows: one in Kobe and the other in Yokohama. She might have Tokyo Love, but it looks like all she'll be doing there is shopping and sightseeing.

Lady Gaga's very expensive message to her Japanese fans [Marie Claire]


    Boy is she ugly though!
    I heard her Peace tattoo is a fake anyway - it is a bit stupid if someone would re-apply a peace tattoo every god damn time they went out.

    But some site or forum had photos of her without it on her wrist, photos of her this year. The more common & appropriate excuse could be make up covering it, but still, thought i'd add that.

      I think it's fairly well known that Lady Gaga is a 'marketed brand', ingenious in some ways. The actual artist behind the identity is somewhat like a blank canvas; applying design, icons, apparel just ahead of the current trend. This'll allow her to be more flexible.

    And this was posted why ...

      Kotaku have some weird obsession with Lady GooGoo.

    Kotaku, what is this even being posted for? No really, could I please get an answer from somebody?

    There is absolutely nothing game related here. You just completely made something up in the title to post something about Lady Gaga.

    I don't come here to read about tacky musicians. I come here for videogames.

    I look forward to finding out which other celebrities don't have Pokemon tattoos. Hurry up Kotaku, the suspense is killing me!

    On a random aside, letting everyone know that Gears 3 will have a fantastic new cover feature where Marcus can lock onto Dom's back. However be careful... if used when no enemies are around it will trigger a God of War styled mini game where you can explore your homo-erotic fantasies.

    this is so stupid. kotatku au has seriously deteriorated in the past months

      This isn't a Kotaku AU post; Ashcraft is part of the US site. If you said that Kotaku US has deteriorated I would totally agree with you - largely thanks to Stephen Totilo - but David is doing a wonderful job with the AU stuff.

    So...this is an article on a gaming news site about a pop idol who doesn't have Pokemon tattoos, while it is a gaming franchise, is known more for the anime...what's the point of this article again?

    Seriously so sick of this woman...

    She is the female Marilyn Manson... I find it funny how most people don't see any similarities. Although Manson's music has some content.

    Speaking of Pokemon, I've been musing on a certain something about this show all these years. In regards to Team Rocket: do you think James ever gets any? Poor s.o.b. Just wondering. Someone ought to get a Team Rocket tattoo. Now that would be rocking. Blasting off...Greg Cameron

    can you stop criticizing? she is beautiful and you should be shameful of what ugly things you just said.

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