Left 4 Dead 2: The Zune

Chet over at Valve just sent us this sweet personalised Zune with fancy Left 4 Dead 2 engraving to give away on the site.

But how?


    best photo of zombies rocking out?

    Best mock zombie movie poster

    Whoever's name happens to be Thomas Ingram and made this post?"

    By going to the post office, Buying a stachel, Writing my details on the satchel, and posting it to me!
    Now that's how you give it away :D!

    How indeed?

    To me.

    Yeah i'm with Jason, best mock movie poster in the left 4 dead style would be a good comp.

    Unless you just want to give it to me ;)

    Oh oh! List as many *good* qualities about the Zune as possible!


    It's a zune, so it's gotta be a musical challenge.
    Preferably one that I'm a shoe in to win.

    Put it in the pile of crap for whomever makes a witty comment for the week :D

    I'll have it thanks.. seeing we can't by Zune's 'legally' here in Australia!!

    Just for a change, randomly pick someone who comments on the post rather than discriminating against we creatively challenged types who have no hope of coming up with something to win a competition.

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