Left 4 Dead Zombies, Now For Snuggle Time

It never rains Valve merchandise, it pours. Hot on the heels of the news the company will be releasing statues and props based on its favourite franchises comes word a line of Left 4 Dead plushies are also on sale.

There'll be five in total, with the first available being everyone's favourite undead fatty, the Boomer. He'll cost $US50, and in a nice touch, was designed not by some nameless company in China, but by Alexandria "beavotron" Neonakis, creator of the amazing Valve Christmas cards.

$US50 sounds like a lot for a plush, but he's not just for cuddles, as when squeezed he'll emit one of ten pre-recorded sounds. Presumably eight of them are some kind of gurgling noise.

Some of the other plushies in the pipeline include the Witch and Tank.

L4D2 Boomer [Valve]


    Oh. My. God.


    That's it, I'm getting one.

    Dang, with all of these awesome looking things to buy, my wallet's gonna take a hit :P

    No survivor plushies? Aww, I want an Ellis one

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