Left 4 Dead's "The Passing" Doesn't Seem To Be Going That Well

Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing" will bring together the survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 with the survivors of the second game. Just because they're all surviving, though, doesn't mean they're going to get along.

The Passing will be out later today on both Xbox 360 and PC. It'll be 560MSP on Microsoft's console, while PC owners can enjoy it for $US0.00.


    lol M$ and their cut.

    That doesn't sound like Francis

    Ahahahaha love it! "I dont think this is gonna work out!" lol

    Francis sounds like Danny DeVito in this clip =\

    Hilarious; when I saw it, and it said 'get it now,' the only thing I 'got' was my hopes up. :P

    Haha, hilarious.

    Hehe nice advert. I have L4D on pc but L4D2 uncensored on Xbox 360. Can I D/L it on pc uncensored through L4D? Or am I stuck paying 560MSP for a censored version. Yes its confusing, lol.

    Yea...umm I have the uncensored version on the 360 so if I download the DLC would there be any problems?

    Would anybody have any idea?

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