Legal Battle Over Fallout MMO Continues

The legal battle between Fallout IP holder Bethesda and original creator Interplay rages on, despite a dropped appeal granting false hopes to fans eager for a massively multiplayer online Fallout title.

Last September, Bethesda, the current owner of the Fallout intellectual property, filed a lawsuit against Interplay, the studio that created Fallout, claiming trademark infringement due to the fact that Interplay did not seek permission to sell The Fallout Trilogy bundle, which featured the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. Bethesda sought to halt the sale of the bundle, while also halting production of a Fallout MMO project Interplay was working on.

Earlier that year Bethesda threatened legal action over the MMO's development, citing an overall lack of progress on Interplay's part.

In December, a US District Court judge rejected Bethesda's request for an injunction against Interplay to halt sale of the Fallout bundle as well as work on the Fallout MMO.

Now Fallout fan site Duck and Cover reports that Bethesda has dropped an appeal against Interplay, suggesting the move might mean the end to Interplay's legal troubles.

Not so says Bethesda's Pete Hines. "That is still ongoing and has not been resolved. It is a minor procedural thing that took place, not a dropping of the lawsuit."

So the lawsuit still lives on, and the future of Interplay's Fallout MMO still hangs in the balance, and at the moment there's no end in sight.

"The bottom line is it's an ongoing legal matter, it's in no way, shape or form done," Hines continued. "We're going to let the process play out in the courts, which is what we've said all along, but beyond that I can't give specifics as to procedures. That's not my domain."


    Ugh! Companies get way over their heads with themselves and over crap like that.

    Their are valid points for each side of the party here - but seriously, just make some freaking games!

    Bethesda & Square Enix are two companies I simply cannot stand. Some of their games are great - but its just when they open their mouth, they're just major douche bags.

      Easier said than done on 'just making games.' This is almost necessary when a company buys anothers' game rights, and honestly, neither company wants to give up game rights which might become huge profits.

    I'm not great with law but I'm pretty sure if you don't enforce rights you can lose them. Yeah it sounds like Bethesda are being obstructive but you could consider Interplay's actions as a form of stealing...

    Why are they fighting so hard over the MMO rights anyway? No recent MMO's have been able to break the WoW stranglehold, even ones with very very high budgets like WAR (gawd it had good PvP).

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