LEGO Normandy, If Not Spaceworthy, Is Still Worthy

A 1.26m LEGO model of the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2, by MOCpages member Ben Fellowes. Loads more pictures of his creation through the link.


    That is made of awesome. Several thousand bricks worth of it by the looks

    *James does girlie squeel*

    I want it, I need it, I wanna have its babys!

    ahhh lego... is there anything in existance that isn't made better by lego?

    i think not!

    Wow, a 4 foot model, that's awesome.

      thanks for a look into the past with retro measurememnts, old man

    Wouldn't mind having one of those sitting on my table.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Lego model on the Citadel.

    Awesome models!

    I would love this to be an official line of products, but I guess it'd be in competition with their Star Wars products, and LucasArts would not approve.

    On the other hand, BioWare would not dare approach MegaBloks, lest LucasArts think they've been betrayed.

    So I guess this will be the closest we'll ever get to:
    "Bricks." "Shephard." "Bricks." "Shephard."

    wish that was an official lego kit

    I mean we have Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars & Lego Harry Potter. So why not Lego Mass Effect.
    that would be awesome!

    on the subject of Lego sci'fi products: why don't we have Lego Dune?
    think of the possibilities!

      They should make licenced stuff based on games, imagine how awesome and realistic that "Lego Lego Star Wars" would be!

      they have lego halo too.

    Awesome! must resist urge to break it...

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