Let's Check Out Your Resonance Of Fate Combat Poses

Last week we asked you to send us photos of your best combat pose in an effort to win a copy of SEGA's new RPG, Resonance of Fate. Let's find out who won.

Thanks to Sega, we have FIVE Resonance of Fate packs up for grabs, each containing a copy of the game on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, along with a ten-track soundtrack CD and Resonance of Fate t-shirt.

Resonance Of Fate is notable for its a) innovative combat system where each character pulls off a range of attacks while posing like they’ve just stepped onto a catwalk, and b) copious customisation that allows you to tweak every tiny detail of each character’s appearance.

Thus, we asked you to send us a photo of yourself in full Resonance Of Fate combat pose.

Now, judging competitions is somethign we take very seriously here at Kotaku. So this time I'm going to give you a little bit of insight into how we actually choose the winners. Below you'll find the shortlist I considered for the five prizes along with my thinking as to why they did or didn't win. Hope you enjoy it...

First up is this entry from Aled P. It's a solid effort, if a little conventional and lacking in character customisation. A nice try, but it only gets a commendation from me.

Here we have an entry from Kane. This is basically the polar opposite of Aled's entry: the costumes are inventive (if a little obviously quirky), but it needs some more dynamism in the poses. Another nice try, but again no prize.

This is better. Here's an entry from Kai Sheng. Not only is the pose spot-on, but the outfit is super-stylish and there's even a suitably ridiculous monster on the receiving end of such a dashing attack. Kai, a winner is you!

Next we have Joel. I think Joel was shooting for the gimmick factor of pretending he was standing on the ceiling. But a gimmick alone is not (usually) enough to win. Next time, Joel!

I like what Anna is going for here. The moody lighting, the silly glasses, the pet accessory, these all work. But unfortunately it's a bit too dark and the close-up doesn't reveal the full extent of the combat pose, nor her outfit. Moving along...

In a similar vein, Jaryd also goes for the mood lighting technique. Here, however, it pays off, looking for all the world like he's been overexposed through excessive bloom lighting. The pose is solid, too, but what wins me over is the hair. I hope that hair is real. Jaryd, a winner is you!

I'm going to jump straight to another winner here. Andrew nails it all - the ludicrous pose, the awkwardly thrilling camera angle, the giant orange, the goggles - and is probably my favourite entry overall. The goggles, they do everything.

Corey here didn't win, but he did make me laugh. Next!

This one's from Grant. It's similar in concept and execution to Aled's up top. And succeeds and fails for much the same reasons. Solid pose, but not enough flair. Sorry, Grant.

Here we have an entry from chuloopa, a regular comp entrant. It's not the best photo - it's a bit blurry and dark - but it's a triumph of concept over execution. The pose is suitably absurd; the outfit even more so. Chuloopa, a winner is you!

Here's one from Xiaokang, another who absolutely nails it for me. Great pose, great costume, but even better is the monster depicted complete with damage counter. Genius, and that's our fifth and final winner.

Congrats to all five winners, and a big cheers to everyone else who entered, especially the six "highly commended" shown above. Finally, thanks to SEGA for the cool prize packs.


    Thanks to Kotaku and SEGA for the prizes and just for confirmation, yes that is my real hair (is Jaryd).

      My god... i would kill to see you go Super Saijan...


    Thank you so so so so so so so so much!!! Yet another game to bother my girlfriend with! Although she might actually sit next to me with this one - if not only to give me fashion tips...

    I'm super sorry about the poor quality - i left my camera at work over the weekend and had to use my phone which always ensure terrible pictures - i didn't touch it up as you said "no photoshopping" - so it was left Au Natuale (how the heck do you spell that? Silly French People).

    My limbo pose is actually my "party trick" if you will. My friends regular ask me to bust it out when we're out on the town. I can get a fair bit further than that backwards without falling - but in this case i bent wrong and almost destroyed my back for this pic haha

    Well done to all the winners - Kai and Xiao, your entries kicked some serious butt. Loved them!!

    Well done to all the winners, and to all those who came close but not quite - don't be disheartened, you're entries still rocked!... Well... Kane's is kinda creepy... but still.. good job! lol


      what is this 'girlfriend' creature you speak of? my mind cannot comprehend

      either way, gratz to you and the other winners and ty for explaining why people won as well. nice to know why people win even though you don't HAVE to do it

      Hey well done Loopy, my squishy e-teddy pal of mine! Slipping a disc for Kotaku, thats commitment folks right there!

      (I slacked on this comp, I know, I'm ashamed too, I'll go and wash my hands for a while)

    Excellent all! and well done to the winners!

    Also, you all look ridiculous.

      "Also, you all look ridiculous."

      Thank you for noticing - i take a lot of pride in looking like a complete fool for all these comps and it's always nice to be noticed :) haha

    That's not a monster that's Brisbane Square.

    Yes I know it's a sphere but it is LOCATED at Brisbane Square.

    Drop by sometime, we have spheres!!!

      I feel like a total square now.


        i feel kind of robbed - We have federation square here in Melbourne, and we have no spheres - only those 3d puzzles that make buildings...

          Yeah we have giant orbs of differing sizes, many tourists try to push and move them, finding that they cannot.

            That's funny the BSQ spheres are a bit wobbly. I think if the right 7foot drunk came thundering up Queen St he could roll one into the Brisbane River!


    I didn't win. Fair enough. But at least I was shortlisted.

    Congrats to the winners. And thanks to Dave for showing us more on the Kotaku judging process.

    Damn I had no chance I knew I should have put on an eyepatch or something, some really good entries here.

    Grats to the winners :)

    Aww I didn't win, which sucks cause I really wanted to get this game. Guess I'll have to buy it now. Although I'm honoured and happy to have been shortlisted

    I wanted to do an extreme headspin picture but was afraid of breaking my neck but... SAFETY FIRST!

      Dude - if i can almost break my back, i'm sure you can almost break your neck... hmm.. maybe i need to give you some Karate-Kid-Esque training - get all Mr. Miagi on your butt.

      As for my butt, it could certainly do with some wax on, wax off - but that's another story all together!

        If I had a buddy at the time to take the pic for me I would happily attempt it.

        "As for my butt, it could certainly do with some wax on, wax off – but that’s another story all together!"

        Did not expect that :P

        But what I did expect was the great king of Kotaku comps, Chuloopa to once again take home the prize. Congrats to you once again.

        One more thing, I would happily take up that offer on your Karate Kid training. I'm sure that together our combined fighting forces can once and for all defeat those FUGLY Fed Square builidings.

    haha that was great to read.

    Funny stuff

    Bummer, missed out.
    Was trying to be all macho, and brother in armsy...
    it's quite hard to pull off an awesome pose, when ur sumo suit takes up the whole frame !!!

      Respect to the winners.
      Awesome stuff!

      I heard the guy in the ghost costume is hot...

    Don't really take this as a complaint, I didn't even enter. But I thought the rules said no photoshop, and there's obviously some editing going on in a few of those shots.

      Perhaps it wasn't entirely clear, but the "no Photoshopping" referred to the inclusion of the Kotaku logo in the photo.

        Which is, to my understanding, to prevent copies. Couldn't we just timestamp the date? I guess that could be forged to, but you can't edit the EXIF data as easily.

      I personally didn't use any photoshopping (was the guy with the giant orange, the photo was taken from a specific angle and location), cropping/resizing (of course I cropped out certain parts like the chair to give an illusion and resizing needed to happen for the competition) I don't think would be or are considered photoshopping since they have existed since cameras were invented (hence not photoshopped, since photoshopping is a recent-ish computer program). Even before that people have cropped and even resized (reprinted) works of art.

      Either way, David already stated the stance on it so I guess it doesn't matter anyway. How much can photoshop actually change this competition anyway? Change the colour tone a bit? YOU still have to be the person doing the pose and in the fancy/funny/random/etc clothing.

      Oh cheer up Lucas! No amount of photoshop made any of these people look good anyway.

      Congrats Kai, David and I are laughing our asses off at you right now hehe.

    what i want to know is how he got the numbers going in the last pic

      Hey thanks David for the win and comments!!

      Real happy with the win!

      andrew, the numbers and health bar were made from normal coloured paper and held in place with sticky tape and a metal hanger twisted into shape and attached to the cowboy hat. :)

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