Let's Look At Stars With The Last Story

Not only does the upcoming Wii game The Last Story features boats that sail in water, it always features star gazing.

This latest conceptual art shows the game's "Star Gazing Tower", joining Last Story art that features islands, cities and NPCs.

The Last Story is being designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the game developer who created Final Fantasy.

Last Story [Nintendo]


    Should that be 'Also' instead of 'Always'?

    With no rpgs released on Wii Retail worth playing this had better deliver. I haven't played a descent one for way too long. Come on Mistwalker, don't you dare release this until you have pushed the development to breaking point. Please no more 100HP kiddie junk, I need some evil super powerful characters that you have to be strategic to utilize. The Last Story is the Last Stand for Wii rpgs so go hard or prepare for the bargin bin.

    "The Last Story" is almost synonymous with "Final Fantasy"...and they're made by the same person? Hmmm...hehehe, just pointing that out.

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