Link, Mario, Kirby Enrol At QANTM

Post-it note art adorns the common room walls of QANTM College, Melbourne, as seen on the PALGN forums.

[Thanks Luke!]


    Haha... I saw those going up at Uni and thought it was pretty rad... Didn't expect to see it here though... I thought I was on Facebook for a second!


    Yeah it was good fun to do :)

      how long did it take.

        About 5 or 6 hours. It was fantastic.

    Hey my buddy goes there! Heeeeyyyy Chris!

      Hey Dom.

      Oh and Michael, I still wan't to make that Metroid :)

    The Melbourne common room (I'm assuming it is) is so much bigger than the Sydney one. We get 2 couches crammed in a small thoroughfare.

      Which even considering its small size is now treated with little respect by some of the first years, the special bunch that they are.

      You should have see what our 'common room' as like at the old campus (I miss that place). I have only been to the new campus once since I spent my whole 2 years at the old Jeffcott street campus.

    Considering what Nintendo of Australia has been like the past year, expect a lawsuit any day now...

    Yeah nintendo will come crashing down on our ass it took a little while to do though

    Hey, it's Daniel. Hi Daniel!

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