London Transformed Into Giant Board Game

Next Friday, Nike will be running an advertisement/competition in London that will turn the entire city into one enormous board game, with runners competing to criss-cross the city, checking in at phone boxes along the way.

The city has been divided amongst its postcodes (zip codes to you Americans), with 40 selected, ten for the city's north, south, east and west. Each of these will have phone boxes in them. Runners start the race at one phone box, where they get a message that leads them to the next, and so on and so on.

A little bit Grand Theft Auto, then, only on The Getaway's turf. But, yeah, without the cars.

Nike's Grid Turns London Into Gaming Board [GameSetWatch]



    Seriously Kotaku, no news is better than dribble!

    Heh, great ad. And funny game.

    And great use of their phone boxes!

    holy crap, i would win this so bad with mah parkour skillz!

    ... too bad i live in australia

    What's to stop them using cars? or having multiple people staged around the city.

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