Look At The New Pokemon Series

Pokémon Black and White is a completely new Pocket Monster series. And this fall, the fifth-generation Pokémon series will be released on the Nintendo DS in Japan. Here is a sneak peak.

Scans of Black and White have been published in Japan's CoroCoro Magazine. The scans show a battle scene between new Pocket Monsters Zoroark and Zorua as well as the Pokémon centre. The graphics sure look nice!

First Pokémon Black & White images [All Games Beta]


    Well it's a step in the right direction... Maybe next time we'll be lucky enough to be blessed with a proper 3D version on the Wii...

      or perhaps they will let us have pokemon that can learn more than 4 moves, and that can actually dodge/deflect etc attacks

        Stop whining, the mechanics need absolutely nothing.

          I'm with George, the mechanics are fine the way they are, they worked in Final Fantasy and they work here (and for the last four generations). It's a simple RPG, with more effort put into content, grind and randomised encounters than innovation.

          I like the new dodgy 3d, it's a nice change from the top-down camera, although you can bet they're going to hide shit where we can't see it.

          Its not whining if you ask for a game series to change a couple of the mechanics that have been in place for what.. 14 years!

          I mean if you like it this way, fine, they can keep releasing the same old game again and again and people can keep playing it. But seeing as that should take very little time and effort how about a pokemon game that implements some new mechanics, making the battles a little more strategic than just maxing out a couple of attributes then choosing a pokemon that's super effective against whatever your fighting.

          How about a game that caters to the audience that grew up playing pokemon red and blue and now want something a little more interesting.

            It is when you want a series to change things about it which are the things that define it. Adding extra move slots doesn't guarantee additional depth. In fact, it makes it harder to maintain. The point of locking Pokemon down to 4 moves is that it means you need to make choices as to what moves your Pokemon will have. If your Pokemon have an answer for nearly anything your opponent throws at you, what is the point?

            Dodging and deflecting attacks has been in the series from the start, although not in the form that Doug seems to want. Most moves have an accuracy stat, and there are plenty of ways to affect that with your own Pokemon. Some Pokemon have resistances to certain types of moves, and some also have Abilities that affect those in different ways. There are even moves (like Deflect or Barrier) that cause moves of a certain type (either Physical or Special) to not hit, and moves that will drop an opponent's accuracy.

            While I agree that the standard play through the storyline can be made easy by just training one Pokemon and brute-forcing your way through, or by spending a while grinding, the game well-and-truly opens up during post-Elite Four, although only if you want it to. Bring a highly-leveled Pokemon you used to brute-force through the game and two other throwaway Pokemon to an online battle and you'll more than likely get trounced very easily.

            It seems that you want a different game to what Pokemon now is, which is fine. There are plenty of other games out that that will deliver on what you personally want. But choosing to ignore the changes the series has taken because you personally don't like them, and then claiming that the games need to change because you don't like the mechanics anymore is pretty ignorant.

    true pokemon game are the selling point of most nintendo handhelds bro.

    maybe next gen pokemon lol.

    Personally, after looking through the scans, I have a feeling this new generation of pokemon games will be launching with the 3DS.
    Given the change of angle compared to previous pokemon games, it looks perfectly set-up for 3D, with a larger emphasise on a front to back view/movement, based on the images.
    Its going to be very interesting to see what is unveiled at E3.

      The creators mentioned it wasn't going to be on 3DS.
      But maybe it's a trick ;)

    I like the screens, but Pokemon has become a tired concept now to me.

    And that concept is Nintendo insulting me.

    The games expect us to have every Pokemon, even those which we had to be in Japan in 1999 to get.

    I want a big Pokemon game, probably an MMO, which allows you to catch every single Pokemon, without backwards compatability.

    definatly the last gen before the 3ds... something needs to get the XL selling, and i'll bet there's white and black bundle limited editions

      All 450 something pokemon are available in HG/SS afaik. Except the gen 4 starters and some of the bonus "give away" pokemon.

    My guess is that Pokemon Grey will be the third one.

    Only time will tell...

    Since when have they expected you to have all the pokemon? The reward for getting them all is an extra star or something on the Trainer Card. I think Nintendo have done a decent job in HG and SS, they've given us Gen I and Gen III legendaries. Now they just need to get their act together and give us the rest over Wi-fi event.

      Pretty sure getting their act together would involve getting rid of the bullshit event only pokemon, and instead actually putting them into the game properly, like all the other legendaries.

    Ok, so the game has a new 'look' (sorta)
    i suspect same gameplay, plot and music.
    Like Goraxium stated, a step in the right direction. But i can hardly get excited over this. Perhaps im being too judgemental too early.

    Holy crap! are those the 2d sprites from the previous games slapped on some dodgy 3d models!

    i would really like to see 3d sprites and pokemon actually attacking something that should have happened by now

      Bitches don't know about my space limitations

    Same game! Same gameplay! Same Ninty!

    Like a record caught in a loop..

    I just finish Soul Silver, it was pretty good but not as great as I remembered the original being - clouded nostalgia and all.

    I havn't played Platinum and I don't plan to now, I didn't like Platinum and 5th gen looks even worse.

    I was also disappointed when I pumped in about a 20 hour grind to get my team ready for the last 3 battles and I just wiped them with my starter.

    I think they should stick with turn-based on the handhelds, but make a real-time 3d game for the wii, with area of effect attacks and physical attacks that have to connect.
    The idea i was toying with was pokemon black ops, where you had to pacify all the legendary pokemon with a team of starters and rares that you can export to the handhelds.
    Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of moves, pokemon, items etc fitting all the neccessary info for a real-time 3D game that includes the entire library is impossible.
    And would be near impossible to balance satisfactorily.

    I was really hoping for something visually like the remakes of FF 3 &4 on DS.

    That would have been perfect, that way it could still play the same but look more modern.

    I can dig it...

    Too much SD.

    Pokemon gets away with it in 2D. Too noticeable for me now.

    Those Pokemon fighting that are apparently called Zoroark and Zorua look heaps like a picture I saw a while ago of some fake Pokemon in a fake Pokemon game.

    Also the dude character looks horrible. Guess it balances out with how bad the girl character looks in soulsilver/heartgold.

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