Looks Like Demon's Souls Is (Finally) Coming To Europe

European PlayStation 3 owners without the courage or wherewithal to import last year's brilliant Demon's Souls may be in luck. Namco Bandai appears to have picked up the brutal, dark role-playing game for your continent.

A new listing at Germany's Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle ratings board all but confirms the long nightmarish wait for Demon's Souls for PAL territories is soon to be over. Sure, the game has been rumoured for months to arrive at European territories this winter - some retail listings peg the game for late June - but this is comforting assurance.

For those unfamiliar with Demon's Souls and what Europeans will be getting themselves into, read Kotaku's review and my argument for why From Software's innovative RPG was 2009's game of the year.

Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle [USK.de via NeoGAF]


    Demon's Souls has actually been rated for a few months in New Zealand (you can check their records) but there's never been an announcement. I saw it and assumed it would be coming but had since given up hope. Hopefully this coupled with the fact it sold 3x Atlus' expectations means we will eventually see it.

    A brilliant game - one of the best RPGs ever. Lets hope they are translating to other languages, because even the original Japanese version had english support.

    just goes to show how marketer driven this industry is, 'we can't sell this game' negativity always stopped this game from being released anywhere outside japan.
    I'm glad that gamers (and for once, the gaming media) picked this title up and championed it, becaues it really deserved it.

    Shame how it's only going to sell like 20 copies, given everybody who wanted it has already imported it, either from the English asian version (I think it was th Chinese one?) or the north American version.

    And yet Namco Bandai will once again be absolutely baffled as to why the game is not selling well and will blame it on lack of interest in the title, and thus will be hesitant to bring over other such games, until they've already been out in English for a year, and so they don't sell well, and so...

    Thanks to the PS3 not region-locking games I've been playing the US version on my Australian PS3 for quite some time.

    I've resisted the urge to import this for quite a while, so hopefully it gets a local release sometime soon.

    Although considering I'm still working my way through my current backlog of games, I'm glad I didn't import this earlier.

    Thank good for the slow PS3 release month of April, as both my fiancee and wallet are not looking forward to May.

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