Looks Like We Got A Mexican Standoff Here In Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar pumped out a few more screens of Red Dead Redemption this time showing us the competitive side of its multiplayer setup. On the jump, a video also fleshes out what to expect.

According to the official site's updated multiplayer page, Redemption will be getting Shootout (a deathmatch mode) Gold Rush (objective collection), Team Shootout (team deathmatch) Hold Your Own (capture the flag) and Grab the Bag (a CTF variant). Loads more details on the link below. Or just watch the video.

Red Dead Revolver's multiplayer was shrimpy even by original Xbox standards, but it did have that appealing quickdraw game. It would have been nice to see it return in Redemption but that's not to say the multiplayer feast Rockstar's serving here isn't more than enough bang for your buck.


    These game modes have been known for some time now... a few weeks perhaps?

    I saw a video trailer explaining them all. I think machinima had it up on youtube. Looks freaking insane. Good Rush seems quite interesting - a game of greed.

    But the shootout looks like a lot of fun - last man standing style.

    CANNOT WAIT! Day 1 please.

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